Coming up on Connections: Wednesday, April 9th

Apr 8, 2014

12 noon: Assemblyman Joe Morelle

1pm: Maternity and paternity leave in the wake of the David Murphy story

At noon we're joined by Joe Morelle, Majority Leader of the Assembly. He'll give his take on the state budget: where he's satisfied, where he's not. We'll look at taxes, aid for cities, funding, campaign financing, and more.

At 1pm, we look into maternity and paternity leave in the United States. Last week, New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy made headlines when he took two days off for paternity leave. The headlines, to be fair, came from sports talk radio hosts, who declared that Murphy was taking too much time off. One host said that he should have told his wife to have a C-section last month to avoid missing baseball games. We'll look at the value of parental leave to care for children.