Coming up on Connections: Tuesday, September 12th

Sep 12, 2017

Credit civitasinc.com

First hour: What can Rochester learn from other cities about urban waterfront development?

Second hour: Ambassador Thomas Pickering

As city leaders and community members continue to debate the future of downtown development, some are looking to Rochester’s waterways as an asset in that revitalization. This hour, we discuss urban waterfront development with Mark Johnson, president and leading designer for Civitas. The landscape architecture firm is internationally known for its nature-in-the-city projects — designs that merge waterfronts, green spaces, and city living. What could Rochester learn from Civitas’ success? Johnson is in Rochester as a guest of Greentopia. We’ll hear from him and discuss Rochester’s potential as an urban waterfront. In studio:

  • Mark Johnson, president and leading designer for Civitas
  • Lisa Baron, board chair for Greentopia
  • Roger Brown, board member and creative consultant for the Community Design Center Rochester

Ambassador Thomas Pickering joins us in studio. He was the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations for part of the 1990s, and he's in Rochester as a guest of the World Affairs Council. He'll discuss a number of subjects with us, chief among them: his thoughts on the future of the Iran nuclear deal and the actions of the Trump White House.