Coming up on Connections: Thursday, August 10th

Aug 10, 2017

Credit NPR

First hour: The debate over full-day kindergarten 

Second hour: Summer of Food - Headwater Food Hub

Only five school districts in New York State do not have full day kindergarten. Pittsford remains one of those districts, despite the efforts of teachers and administrators to convince voters. Brighton recently moved to adopt full day kindergarten. Our guests will discuss their views and educating young children:

  • Mike Pero, superintendent of the Pittsford Central School District
  • Kevin McGowan, superintendent of the Brighton Central School District

Then in our second hour, the Summer of Food on Connections continues with a look at our food system, from the farmers to our plate. Our guest is the founder of the Headwater Food Hub, which is working toward a fully sustainable local system. What would that mean? How are they supporting small farms? We'll find out. In studio:

  • Chris Hartman, founder of Headwater Food Hub