City asking residents to help expedite storm clean-up efforts

Mar 16, 2017

The city wants cars like this shoveled out and moved so plows can clear the streets
Credit Caitlin Whyte

The city wants residents to move snow-bound cars so crews can plow the streets.

Mayor Lovely Warren and City Environmental Services Commissioner Norman Jones provided an update Thursday on storm cleanup efforts, after 26 inches of snow fell on Rochester.

The mayor says they are now assessing where to put all that snow and pinpointing narrow streets or dead end streets where there may be safety concerns because of high snow banks.

"We are asking our citizens if their car is covered, to please uncover their cars so we can get a plow out there to actually haul that snow away, and move that snow so that we can get our streets cleared," she said.

A snow bound crosswalk in the downtown area
Credit Alex Crichton

Warren says they haven't towed cars yet, and are giving residents some extra time to move snow bound vehicles.

Jones says they'll be focusing on intersections where the snow is piled high, and taking the mounds out of the way so there is line of sight for traffic.

He won't say where all these piles of snow are going, however.

"We have a couple of locations where we store them.  And they're a secret right now.  But it's not going into the (Genesee) river right now.  We're not at that point," he said.

Jones says residents wondering when their street will be plowed again can go to the city's website and use the city's Plow Trax service to see when that will happen.

He says the city is managing its resources better and this storm isn't something that will break the budget.

PlowTrax map
Credit cityofrochester.gov