Bills CEO Brandon Promoted To President

Jan 1, 2013

Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson has relinquished his role as President to the team's current CEO Russell Brandon, it was announced at a midday press conference on Tuesday. More on this story from WBFO.

In his statement the 94 year-old Wilson said:

 Russ is a proven leader and he will now have full authority over the entire Buffalo Bills operation. I have granted him full autonomy to run the organization as he feels is best.”

“These past 13 years have been very difficult on our fans and we have not produced the type of winning team that they deserve. It has been frustrating for our organization and for me as well. We want our team to be one that our fans are proud of. I believe that Russ has the unique abilities to assemble and lead the talent we will need to get the job done.” 

Despite his promotion, Brandon offered his support to the current General Manager, Buddy Nix.

“Buddy Nix is our general manager and will run the football operation much like he has the last three years.” 

The announcement comes after the organization fired coach Chan Gailey on New Year's Eve after the team finished 6-10 in its latest season,

The search is on for a replacement Brandon confirmed at the press conference midday Tuesday:

"I will leave no stone unturned to take this team to a world-class level. I will identify and I will hire world-class people to bring to this organization."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also commented on Brandon's appointment to President saying:

“Russ Brandon...is a proven executive with extensive experience in the operation of the Bills. He is committed to the Buffalo region and understands the dynamics of the NFL. Ralph Wilson's decision is a positive step to enhance the stability of the franchise."