Albany's Most Powerful: Cuomo Tops A New List; Duffy Comes In Last

Apr 25, 2013


Credit CapitolStock
 A statewide political publication called City& State is out with a ranking of the 100 most powerful players in Albany. Governor Cuomo comes in at number one, with the story saying that it has been a generation since New York has had a governor this powerful. 

Coming in dead last is Lieutenant Governor and former Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy.  The article notes that Duffy is in a largely symbolic role and also serves as Cuomo's personal cheerleader.

But the story also quips that Duffy could “be the next David Paterson, you never know, “ referring to the former governor who was elevated to that job when Eliot Spitzer resigned.

Also on the list, coming in at number 12, is Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle of Irondequoit. City&State says that if Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver ever leaves that post Morelle would be a clear choice for Speaker, except for the fact he is from Upstate New York.