AIM Photonics Group Looks At Next Steps

Jun 10, 2016

Credit Eastmanbusinesspark.com

An organization helping oversee the investment in Rochester's photonics initiative has been meeting this week talking about future steps in that process.

AIM Photonics is the effort which is set to bring in millions of dollars to the Rochester area, and with it, local officials hope, a lot of jobs.

It's a public-private partnership that includes the development of technology that will be used for national security, and the goal is also to bring companies into this region that will provide a big boost to the Rochester economy.

A meeting held on Thursday and Friday included presentations on how to develop proposals for the photonics efforts and discussion of various kinds of technologies.  Among those attending was Dolores Kruchten, a Kodak vice president who heads up operations at the Eastman Business Park.

She says that large industrial park could one day house companies involved in the area of photonics, and she says the business park already has some of the kinds of facilities that industry needs.

“Just the pure structure, we’ve got clean rooms and my understanding is a lot of what is needed is some level of clean room space where are very expensive to install, so for sure, being able to get and running will be a cost effective way to do it.”

It's expected that the Eastman Business Park could be home to testing and packaging operations as the local photonics industry develops.