Evan Dawson

Connections Host

Evan Dawson joined WXXI in January 2014 after working at 13WHAM-TV, where he served as morning news anchor. He was hired as a reporter for 13WHAM-TV in 2003 before being promoted to anchor in 2007.

Evan is also the author of Summer in a Glass: The Coming Age of Winemaking in the Finger Lakes and is the managing editor/Finger Lakes editor for the New York Cork Report, a web site that offers independent news, reviews, and commentary about the New York wine industry.

He has written freelance articles on topics including politics, wine, travel, and Major League Baseball.

Ways to Connect


First hour: Honor Flight Rochester

Second hour: Independent Minds: At War in the Pacific

Weekend Connections is a collection of some of the most noteworthy moments from the week on Connections with Evan Dawson. This episode includes conversations about:

Should STEM become STEAM? We look at the growing movement to add arts to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Supporters say that adding arts allows students to incorporate creativity and critical thinking, not just rote memorization. Opponents say this is a distraction, and the United States needs even more emphasis on STEM.

Our panel explores the impact of turning STEM into STEAM:

  • Dr. Hitomi Mukaibo, assistant professor of chemical engineering at the University of Rochester
  • Katie Maley, art teacher at Brighton High School
  • Laura Arnold, physics teacher at Brighton High School
  • Ben McLauchlin, 2014 Brighton High School graduate and currently a sophomore at SUNY Binghamton

After focusing recently on single mothers, we turn our attention to young children in crisis. Our guests from the Crisis Nursery explain how they're keeping children safe when caregivers are in crisis -- poverty, no daycare, housing issues, no healthcare coverage.

The Crisis Nursery provides free, temporary childcare during family emergencies. The long-term goal is to prevent abuse, neglect, or homelessness. In other words: kids are in trouble, and the Crisis Nursery aims to prevent trauma, or make sure kids are not exposed to it. We examine its mission with:

Crisis Nursery

First hour: Helping kids avoid abuse and homelessness

Second hour: Should STEM become STEAM?

The Finger Lakes wine industry is getting ready to celebrate one of its biggest events of the year: the Rose Soiree in Geneva. The event on Linden Street has attracted hundreds of people in the past couple of years, and it puts the focus on a style of wine that has taken a while to gain traction.

We talk to winemakers about the event, the state of the industry, and more.

The Rochester City School District is moving toward adopting a new code of conduct, but plans are mired in controversy. The code is designed to lead to fewer suspensions, less of a police presence in school buildings, and more focus on restorative practices and structural racism.

Rochester Teachers Association President Adam Urbanski says the new code will fail without more funding and more staff support. Members of the Community Task Force who co-wrote the report with Urbanski disagree. Our guests discuss the code and the concerns. In studio:

  • Adam Urbanski, president of the Rochester Teachers Association
  • Mary Adams, member of the Community Task Force and the Rochester City School Board
  • Kit Miller, director of the Gandhi Institute

First hour: The RCSD's new code of conduct

Second hour: 2016 Rose Soiree

Do millennials need special considerations in the workplace?

It's a question that might sound patronizing, but employers are finding key factors that attract millennials: flexible schedules, meaningful work, opportunities to collaborate, and more.

We're building on the conversation started this past Thursday on Need to Know, with a look at what millennials are seeking at work. Our guests:

  • Ana Liss, managing director of business development at Greater Rochester Enterprise
  • Seth Eshelman, founder of Staach Inc.
  • André Primus, founder and director of RocShare

Following County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo's Tuesday news conference, we invited leadership and legislators from both parties to join us to discuss what happens next with COMIDA.

We talk about how the COMIDA board should be filled, how tax dollars can be properly stewarded, and what questions are still unanswered. Our guests:

  • James Sheppard, Monroe County legislator (D, Rochester)
  • Mark Muoio, Monroe County legislator, (D, Rochester)
  • Anthony Daniele, president of the Monroe County Legislature (R, Brighton, East Rochester, Pittsford)