PHOTOS: The Final Night of the 2015 Jazz Festival

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Fred SanFilipo / WXXI

Trombone Shorty, The Wood Brothers, and Katie Ernst were just some of the artists that closed out the wet final night of the 2015 Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival. View the final night of the festival through the lens of WXXI Photographer Fred SanFilipo by checking out his photos on our Flickr page.

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (AP)  Two convicted murderers who eluded a massive manhunt for three weeks planned to drive to Mexico after escaping prison but ended up walking toward Canada when their ride backed out _ finally splitting up in their final days of freedom, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday. 

The Rochester Gay Alliance is moving to a new location after 10 years.

Executive Director Scott Fearing says the new space is more handicap accessible, and allows them to provide more services for the community.

"It allows us to provide some meeting room spaces, we'll have a gallery, we'll have a community center, we'll have a classroom, we'll have a cyber center where people can come in to use the computers to do job searches or whatever they need to do."

During the school year, Rochester City School District students get free or reduced price lunches. Aaron Lattanzio of the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency says that program benefits a lot of families, and shouldn't end in June.

Now to the end of the summer, anyone from 2-18 years old living in the city can get a free breakfast or lunch at select locations through FLHSA's Summer Meals initiative.

Lattanzio is the program's coordinator. He says the meal program offers the obvious benefit of feeding hungry children, but it also has a secondary gain.

A wage board appointed by Governor Cuomo, speaking before a packed crowd of fast food workers,  says it will authorize a “substantial” raise for fast food workers, but would not say when or even if the increase would be the $15 an hour that many groups are seeking.

A three member board picked by Governor Cuomo to examine whether fast food workers need a raise say they are in agreement that the current wage of $8.75 an hour needs to be much higher.

Two Rochester residents recently returned after sixteen days of study in South Africa. Both are employed as interns at the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence and, among other responsibilities, share social justice principles and practices with middle school students at Northwest Middle school on the Frederick Douglas campus as part of the team of educators that the Gandhi Institute sends every day.

During the trip the youth toured the country, visiting sites and museums related to nonviolence and the history of overcoming apartheid, as well as community empowerment projects. A special highlight of the visit was meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho. We'll talk to Yahoda Miller and Malik Thompson about how they'd like to translate lessons of nonviolence from South Africa to Rochester. They'll be joined by the director of the Ghandi Institute, Kit Miller. 

The New York State legislature decided to do nothing to change the SAFE Act in this recent legislative session. Gun rights advocates feel betrayed. Meanwhile, new numbers seem to show that very few New Yorkers are registering their firearms in accordance with the new law. Can the SAFE Act work if most gun owners ignore it? We debate these questions with:

Learn about Rochester's heroin epidemic and what officals can do to combat it, and see how a new OSHA standard could reduce lung cancer for construction workers.

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ALBANY, N.Y. (AP)  New York formalized its ban on high-volume hydraulic fracturing for natural gas on Monday, concluding a seven-year environmental and health review that drew a record number of public comments. 

Alex Crichton

A "virtual ribbon cutting" ceremony was held this morning at the new downtown Rochester headquarters for VisualDx.

That company provides software so physicians can use its digital resources and imaging to improve

diagnosis, suggest treatment and help with medical education worldwide.

"For years, we've asked physicians to memorize everything, we know that's impossible. So now, physicians go online and so they grab information on their desktop computer or their phone, and it helps them make better decisions," company CEO Art Papier said.