Hospitals could be penalized by the federal Occupation Safety and Hazard Administration for risking injury to nurses. OSHA announced it intends to issue fines for ergonomic hazards in hospitals. The nursing profession has the highest rate of on-the-job injuries of any other in the country.

Jennifer Chesebro is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Nurse Practitioning at Brockport. She says she thinks hospitals want to do more to protect nurses, and this push from OSHA might incentivize them to do so.

A new Hilton Garden Inn has opened at the College Town development in Rochester near the University of Rochester.  It is owned and managed by the DelMonte Hotel Group.

General manager of the new hotel, Don Stubblebine, says the College Town location is in the heart of a variety of businesses, historical attractions and medical centers.

The new hotel also includes "Grappa," described as a modern taken on the classic Italian restaurant.

Another Hilton Garden Inn opened  in Rochester, downtown on East Main Street, earlier this year.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The superintendent at the prison where two killers broke out has been placed on leave along with his security chief and 10 other staff members amid an internal investigation into how the inmates pulled it off, a state official said Tuesday.

The 12-member group is in addition to the guard and the prison tailor shop instructor who have been arrested on charges they helped the escapees.

Officials would not say what connection, if any, the 12 had to the June 6 escape from the maximum-security prison or the failure to prevent it.

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Democrat & Chronicle

First hour: Ethics in photojournalism

Second hour: Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle

A small business jobs index compiled monthly by Paychex shows that number relatively unchanged in June.

CEO Marty Mucci says the Paychex/IHS Small Business Jobs Index has shown  that  trend for much of this year in terms of the number of jobs created by small and medium sized businesses.

“About consistent for the first half of the year, actually, very positive for small business growth but just not a lot of change in the first 6 months of the year.”

Critics Say Rebate Checks Won't Really Cut Taxes

4 hours ago

When Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders announced a new rebate check for property taxpayers, they touted it as a significant “real” benefit to average homeowners. But fiscal watchdog groups say the program is severely flawed, and the money could be better used on something else.

Have you ever found yourself driving to Buffalo, and you see the sign that says, "Welcome to Buffalo, an All America City?" And perhaps you've wondered, "Isn't it supposed to say 'All-American?'"

Turns out that there is such a thing as an "All-America City," and Geneva was just named one of ten 2015 such cities. What does it mean? Well, Geneva sold the national committee on jobs, graduation rates, quality of life, and more. So we'll look at the revitalization of Geneva: how is it working?

Our guests:

  • Matt Horn, Geneva City Manager
  • Sage Gerling, Geneva Director of Neighborhood Initiatives
  • Katie Flowers, Hobart and William Smith Colleges director of student engagement

Gay rights advocates are already turning their attention to other legislative battles in the wake of the massive Supreme Court ruling on Friday. Tuesday night, Monroe County Young Democrats will hold a public forum on the question of what comes next. Our panel offers a preview, with a look at a wide range of relevant legal issues:

  • Cory Gardner
  • Jo Meleca Voigt
  • Genesis Nunlee

President Obama believes too many Americans are working long hours for less pay than they deserve.

So, he is proposing an expansion of overtime pay eligibility to cover an additional 5 million employees who are currently excluded under federal law.

Right now, salaried workers earning more than $23,660 dollars are ineligible. In New York State, that applies to those earning more than $34,000. The president's plan would raise that threshold to cover people earning up to $50,440 per year.

The WXXI News staff checks newspapers and websites to help keep tabs on what's happening in communities across New York state.