It's the end of a tradition for a well known local fruit farm, Brown's Berry Patch.

After 30 years of providing retail operations at their fruit farm in Waterport, Orleans County, the Brown family won't be doing that anymore.

Governor Cuomo is taking credit for the state budget’s turn around from huge gaps to healthy surpluses, but a watchdog group says  Cuomo is relying on future funds that have not yet materialized .

Cuomo often lists his achievements as governor when he gives speeches, and he likes to recount how he turned the state’s finances around, as in his Inaugural address earlier this year.

“We turned a $10 billion dollar deficit into a $5 billion dollar surplus,” Cuomo said on January 1st.

Leaders of the faith community in Rochester say they've been working with the Rochester Police Department to communicate the importance of the reorganization plan to residents. 

Bishop Greg Parris says it is not up to the church to decide how the RPD implements its policing strategies. Instead, he says its the responsibility of the church to help make the community a happy and healthy place.

The Supreme Court hears a case Wednesday that could have a major impact on the future of the Affordable Care Act. 

The Court will hear arguments on whether people on the federal health insurance exchange can continue to receive subsidized coverage.

Since New York has its own exchange the high court’s decision wouldn’t immediately affect how the ACA works in the state.

But, if an estimated 5.5 million Americans in 34 states without exchange lose their subsidies, the ripple effect could touch New Yorkers.

Should students go into journalism? Financial journalist Felix Salmon says no, not anymore. His piece touched off a strong online debate over whether 20-somethings should abandon the profession and find another career. It made me wonder: what do local journalists of all ages say about getting into the field in Rochester? In studio:

End the R word. Our panel talks about efforts to stamp out the flippant and hurtful usage of the term "retard" or its variant, "retarded." The discussion is part of our Move To Include initiative. 

Our panel:

Maggie Wilderotter, who has been CEO of Frontier Communications for about a decade, is transitioning to a new role with the company. Frontier announced Tuesday that Daniel McCarthy, who is currently President and Chief Operating Officer will succeed Wilderotter  and become President and CEO effective April 3.

Wilderotter will fill a new role as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. Wilderotter says now is the right time to transition the leadership responsibilities.

More Funding for MCC Downtown Campus

7 hours ago

Officials announced an additional 6 million dollars in funding has been secured for Monroe Community

College's new downtown campus.

It's located in a building adjacent to Eastman Kodak's headquarters.

Several years in the making, the new campus will house everything that is currently in the Damon City

Campus, according to MCC President Anne Kress.

She says the additional funds are a combination of internal college dollars and matching state funds.

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks says the project is on time, and in 2008, the budget for a

Tax season is here, and your 2014 tax return is due in about six weeks.

Local CPA David Young says the biggest change people need to be aware of this year is the requirement for proof of health insurance coverage due to the Affordable Care Act. If you did not have health insurance coverage in 2014, you could face a penalty amounting to one percent of your adjusted gross income.

Young says one common mistake he sees is taxpayers using the wrong filing status, which could be costly.

Krenzer Farms

Farming is still big business in New  York State. That’s the upshot of a report just released by the NYS  Comptroller.

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says that agriculture contributed $37.6 billion to the state's economy in 2012, an increase of more than 22 percent over a five year period. 

DiNapoli says it’s not just the traditional grain and vegetable crops that are contributing to that bottom line.

"You're seeing the incredible growth of the wine industry, Upstate NY, on Long Island, the emergence of breweries, the craft beer industry is really taking hold."