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Medley Centre, the former mall complex that developer Scott Congel wanted to turn into a combination of retail, hotels and restaurants, has officially lost its certification as being in an Empire Zone.

That's according to Assemblyman Joe Morelle, the Assembly Majority Leader who is from Irondequoit. He says the owner of the property, Bersin Properties, has been decertified from that Empire Zone program which provides state-subsidized tax credits.

Henrietta supervisor Jack Moore insists he's not a racist, and he's not resigning. His comments, captured on video and reported by 13WHAM News, include referring to African Americans as "city cousins." His own party leaders are asking him to step aside. We'll talk about his comments, and the larger questions centering around racism. What is the difference between personal racism and systemic racism? We discuss with our guests:

  • Verdis Robinson, professor of history and African American studies at MCC
  • Simeon Bannister, Henrietta town Democratic leader
  • Dave Andreatta, Democrat & Chronicle

In 2015, 20 percent of New York State residents are age 60 or older for the first time in history. The baby boomers are living longer than previous generations thanks to modern medicine and lifestyle. That means the "age wave" will continue to accelerate. Eventually, 80 million Americans will be 65 or older. So we're talking about age, and the age wave, and how to handle the various challenges of living longer with Ann Marie Cook, CEO of Lifespan, and Mary Rose McBride, vice president for communications at Lifespan.

Former Brighton Town Supervisor Sandy Frankel began her launch party with a few words in honor of the approaching Memorial Day.

"The men and women who protect our freedoms, our liberties, our democratic way of life, we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude."

This is not Frankel's first launch. After her failed campaign in 2011 against Maggie Brooks, Frankel is confident she knows what it takes to win the electorate this time around.

"I'm on Facebook, I'm on Twitter, I use Instagram occasionally, I'm even learning Tumblr."

The Genesee Brewery is finding that something old is new again, at least in terms of its packaging.

A local singer, Tommy Brunett, stopped by the brewery on St. Paul Street Thursday to perform his unofficial theme song for Genesee, called 'I Like Beer. '  And that could be said of the dozens of employees and dignitaries gathered outside the brewery as three huge Genesee cans that are stationed outside the building were uncloaked, to reveal their new packaging.

It  was a sense of deja vu, as the marketing people at Genesee came up with a look for the beer cans that relates to the way the packaging looked years ago. North American Breweries CEO Kris Sirchio says the new look also includes a change for Genny Light which will go back to its original name of 'Genesee'  Light.

“We wanted to bring it back into the family. Everybody will always call it  Genny, and that’s wonderful, but it is Genesee brand  and we’ve already seen in social media that people love that fact that we’ve gone back to our roots and that we’re really part of the family again.”

Sirchio says business for the Genesee Brewery has been brisk, with profits up over the last year, and he says the brewery has added about 100 jobs over the last five years.

"I think there’s just a lot of cumulative investment that we’ve been making in outstanding beer . We’ve been really focusing on selecting cities, states where we want to invest our resources and people, we made a big investment in Florida for example, that’s really paying off," Sirchio told WXXI News.

AAA: Busiest Memorial Day Travel in 10 Years

1 hour ago

  AAA estimates that some 37.2-million Americans will travel 50 miles or more this Memorial Day holiday weekend.

That's the highest travel volume for the holiday in 10 years, according to spokesperson Diana Dibble.

She says there are several reasons for the uptick in travel.

"Basically we're looking at an improved economy, improved consumer confidence, and lower gas prices and basically that will will result in consumer spending and generally travel travel benefits from that."

Marv Levy 'Embracing Living' at 89

2 hours ago

Former Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy says it's important to keep moving and stay active physically and mentally.

Just a couple of months shy of his 90th birthday, Levy provided the keynote address at the inaugural Embrace Living Conference for Vibrant Seniors.

It's a joint effort of St. John's Foundation and the Jewish Community Center.

Levy says his message coincides the theme of the event.

"Just because you happen to be adding a few years in your life, it's better than the alternative.

Governor Cuomo's office

Governor Cuomo has been steering clear of public events at the State Capitol recently, after a second major party legislative leader, the head of the Senate was forced to resign over corruption charges.  Bu t the governor is still finding ways to press for his legislative agenda in the last weeks of the session.

The NY State Transportation Department says that construction begins next week on a nearly $6 million project to rehabilitate the bridge that carries the Inner Loop over the Genesee River and Brown's Raceway in Rochester.

The bridge is located between the State Street and St. Paul Street exits in the High Falls district.

The rehab work includes replacing the top layer of the bridge roadway surface as well as repairs to steel beams, and other parts of the bridge. There will also be minor sidewalk repairs and curb improvements.

Despite growing pressure to resign, Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore is remaining steadfast in his refusal to step down amid an ethics controversy.

Moore apologized for making comments that many find offensive. He was seen on a video recording making a racial reference to "city cousins" receiving "Obamacare" (coverage under the Affordable Care Act) while talking with a town employee. 

Timothy Kneeland, political professor at Nazareth College, says Moore has lost the confidence of his employees and his political supporters.