Most Americans know very little about the region called Kashmir, which has erupted into chaos. Demonstrators recently gathered outside the United Nations in New York City to express solidarity for Kashmiris, but what was it all about?

Sareer Fazili, president of the Islamic Center of Rochester, joins us to discuss Kashmir's history, and what is behind the recent violence in a region where people largely feel ignored. 

The tiny house movement is gaining traction. You may have heard about the reality TV show, Tiny House Nation, but how much do you really know about tiny houses?

The typical tiny house is between 100 and 400 square feet. Some owners say they have built tiny houses to save money, not have a mortgage, and be more environmentally conscious. However, there are challenges: access to land, zoning laws, and social pressures.

We hear from a couple taking their tiny house on a cross-country tour, and we answer your questions about tiny house living. Our guests: 

Whole Foods Fight

2 hours ago

Some groups are opposed to the way a developer is planning to bring a Whole Foods store and retail plaza along the Monroe Avenue corridor in Brighton.

It's a project totaling around 94 thousand square feet around the former Mario's restaurant and Clover Lanes.

Attorney Daniel Spitzer represents the group "Save Monroe Avenue."

He says this anonymous group is made up of residents and business owners.

Spitzer says the group doesn't oppose the redevelopment of the plaza, which includes a 55-thousand square foot grocery store.

Foreign trade deals are a contentious issue at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. New York’s senior senator, Chuck Schumer, weighed in Wednesday, saying he’s against the Trans-Pacific Partnership proposal, known as the TPP.

Schumer, speaking to the New York delegation, said he was “skeptical” over the NAFTA deal back in the 1990s even though then-President Bill Clinton asked him to vote for it. Schumer voted against the North American Free Trade Agreement, and he said since then, his views have become even stronger. 


On a cloudy summer morning, Rochester Institute of Technology professor Carl Salvaggio and a student from the school’s Center for Imaging Science stood in an open Pittsford field, eyes fixed on the sky. They were flying an unmanned aircraft system — also known as a drone — with the help of a longtime pilot. 

The trio took the DJI S900 n-copter on a series of 20-minute test flights, to check how well its sensors and six high-definition cameras can provide aerial imagery for precision farming. Salvaggio moved to a table off to the side, using a computer loaded with data-tracking software. He set up a small monitor on a tripod next to him to get a closer look at the airborne drone. Its short voyage would help the researchers assess the health of the vegetation.

Mann's Jewelers says it will be closing the location in Eastview Mall that it opened three years ago, and consolidating those operations into their main location on Monroe Avenue in Brighton.

Mann's says the majority of employees from Eastview will now be based at the Brighton store.

Mann's was founded by Irving Mann in 1947 and continues as a family-owned business. CEO Nancy Mann says their decision to close the Eastview store was driven in part by consumer reaction, saying that their clients prefer to shop in one location that has a more robust product offering. Juez

What started as a viral internet sensation two summers ago has led to a promising new discovery.

Scientists have identified NEK1, one of the most common genes that contribute to ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Ontario County deputies are warning residents there of a phone scam. They say the victims recently reported that they got a call from someone representing himself as a lawyer.

The victims are advised that a loved one has been arrested and is in jail in another state and needs bail money to get out of jail.

The victim is then advised to buy gift cards in the amount of the bail which is usually several thousand dollars. The person is then told to call the lawyer, who takes the numbers from the gift cards and exchanges it for cash.

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Come January 2017 a team led by Dr. Stephen Cook, associate professor of pediatrics at University of Rochester Medical Center, will be actively recruiting families at pediatric practices in Rochester for a new program aimed at fighting childhood obesity through changing family behavior.

This study will include other sites at the University of Buffalo, Washington University in St. Louis, and Nationwide Children's Hospital at Ohio State University.