2:36 pm
Thu April 24, 2014

Connections: Teaching Science With Neil deGrasse Tyson

Astrophysicist & Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson (who comes to MCC April 30) talks about teaching kids science.

Also on hand, Sarah Carbone, biology teacher at Gates-Chili High School, talking about the value of science education. And, of course, reacting to what Tyson says.  

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2:32 pm
Thu April 24, 2014

Connections: Former City Councilwoman Ruth Scott; New Approaches In Dealing With Autism

Former Rochester Councilwoman Ruth Scott  talks about her memoir; 

In the second half-hour, AutisumUp is here to talk about new, higher autism prevalence rates. They preview their annual gala, and talk about new approaches.

Guests include:  Sarah Milko and Jennae Moran of AutisumUp, and Lynn Cole of the Kirch Center at Strong.  

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Arts & Culture
1:52 pm
Thu April 24, 2014

Summer of Music, Food and Fun at the Public Market

City Commissioner Marisol Ramos-Lopez announcing the special events summer schedule at the Public Market
Credit Alex Crichton / WXXI

The city of Rochester is lining up a summer of special events at the Public Market.

City officials gathered at the market to outline the schedule which includes plenty of food and music, and a new event this summer: the Flour City Brewers' Fest on August 22nd.

Commissioner of the Department of Recreation and Youth Services, Marisol Ramos-Lopez, says the events highlight the growth of the Public Market.

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1:14 pm
Thu April 24, 2014

Astorino Undeterred by Low Poll Numbers

Credit Matt Ryan New York Now

The Republican candidate Rob Astorino is 30 points behind incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo in the polls. But the candidate is undeterred, he says has identified a path to victory in the fall elections.

Astorino, in an interview with public radio stations and NYS- PBS's New York Now, says he’s already been through a race where he was behind by double digits, with a voter base that was two thirds Democratic. And he says he won that contest, for Westchester County Executive, and recently was re elected to a second term.

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10:48 am
Thu April 24, 2014

Protest At Staples Stores Nationwide Including A Local Store

(AP & WXXI News ) Thousands of postal workers around the country are expected to protest the opening of postal counters in Staples stores that are staffed with retail employees. 

Thursday's protests are planned at 50 locations in 27 states, including one being held from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Staples store on East Ridge Road in Irondequoit.

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10:45 am
Thu April 24, 2014

Good Diet May Protect Against Chemical Exposure


Rochester area day care providers heard from a leading environmental health researcher this week about how toxic chemicals can impact our health.

Dana Dolinoy, head of the University of Michigan's Environmental Epigenetics and Nutrition Laboratory, says they've done research with pregnant mice that were exposed to the chemical bisphenol A (BPA).  It showed that their offspring were adversely impacted by that exposure.                  

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WXXI Top Stories
10:17 am
Thu April 24, 2014

Around the State 4-24-14

  The WXXI news staff checks newspapers and websites to help keep tabs on what's happening in communities across New York state.


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8:28 am
Thu April 24, 2014

Connections: Employment For People With Disabilities

A discussion about employment for people with disabilities.

The employment rate for people with disabilities is 20%. That's it. But for those who are part of Project SEARCH, it's 87%. How does it work? Who is benefiting? We'll meet some success stories and learn how local businesses can get involved. 

Guests include: 

·         Julie Christensen, director of employment programs at the Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities at the University of Rochester Medical Center

·         Gabrielle Brandenberg, employment specialist (job coach) from Arc of Monroe

·         Sam Kastner, a Project SEARCH student who is seeking employment

·         Ernestine Garries, a former Project SEARCH student in the same class as Sam but who was snapped up by URMC’s Environmental Services department before graduating

·         Linda Schmitt, nurse manager for the 6-3400 at UR Medicine’s Strong Memorial Hospital, with whom Sam is currently an intern.

WXXI Local Stories
8:24 am
Thu April 24, 2014

Monroe County to Limit Who Can Work for Local Development Corporations

  Republicans in the Monroe County Legislature have voted down a proposal by Democrats to limit who can work for Local Development Corporations. The so called "Revolving Door Ban" was rejected by the Legislature's Agenda Charter Committee last night. Democrats wanted a two-year ban against former county employees or elected officials taking positions with LDCs. It was their latest attempt to bring changes to the LDCs following an investigation by the Attorney General's Office.

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8:23 am
Thu April 24, 2014

Connections: Port Of Rochester Plans

Looking at proposed Rochester development in the Charlotte neighborhood.

The city of Rochester has chosen the larger of two design options for a new development in Charlotte. The port will get a new look, and it's been heavily debated. Did the city do enough to make sure businesses and residents are happy? What should the waterfront look like? What becomes of the old ferry terminal? We hear from the city, the business owners, and we explore what's next. 

Guests: Del Smith, City of Rochester commissioner of business development and Lee Selover, owner of Windjammers Bar & Grill