Alex Crichton

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter says her office has been flooded with calls from constituents and people in her district who are concerned about their country since the election, and if there is anything they can do.

Slaughter, speaking from her Rochester office, says there's been a 400 percent increase in the number of calls to her local office since election day, and a 663 percent rise in the number of calls to her Washington office.

She says some days the phone never stops ringing.

Wegmans is responding to some criticism by Costco over how prices are displayed in its stores.

The complaint made by Costco has to do with certain in-store comparison pricing displays at Wegmans stores. Costco challenged claims made in those displays through The National Advertising Division, which is part of a self-regulatory effort by the advertising industry.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP)  New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to cut $25 million from 39 public health programs that fight cancer, diabetes and other conditions. 

The Democrat's administration says it will be up to state health officials to decide where to make the reductions, which are intended to make public health spending more efficient. A spokesman says Cuomo's $152 billion budget proposal increases health care spending overall. 

The annual push to "End the R-Word" is back on. Is it working? Last year, a comedian in a Showtime special delivered a deeply insulting rant about people with mental disabilities. The term still comes up on occasion in pop culture.

We check in with our guests:

The story of what the late Assemblyman Bill Nojay did -- his scams, his lies, his theft -- is only known because of the work of reporters Steve Orr and Gary Craig. They pushed to have records unsealed, and they chased down many threads to a strange and sad tale of deception.

Steve and Gary join us to explain how they pulled the entire, complex story together, and what questions they still would like to answer.

The Rochester Music Hall of Fame has announced its 2017 inductees. There are six of them, including:

-Samuel Adler, a celebrated classical composer and Eastman School of Music professor from 1966 to 1995

-Joe Beard, blues guitarist and vocalist and member of the Son of House band

-Gary Lewis, the 1960s hitmaker with Gary Lewis and the Playboys who now lives in the Rochester area

-“Uncle” Roger McCall, radio DJ and supporter of Rochester’s local music scene

Conduent, the company that was spun off from Xerox and which focuses on business services, has released fourth-quarter and full-year earnings.

Those full-year results represent operations while Conduent was still part of Xerox Corp.

For the fourth quarter, the company saw a net loss of $951 million and revenues of $1.5 billion. For the fiscal year overall, the loss was $983 million, and revenues came in at $6.4 billion.


The Legal Aid society of Rochester, which represents people from all backgrounds, has been fielding many phone calls from people concerned about the new immigration rules.

That's according to the director of the immigration program, Wedade Abdullah, who says she's most concerned about the unpredictability of the enforcement of the rules, compared to the policies under the previous administration.

"The new procedures seem to be more scattershot to me, and are targeting people charged with crimes only, not convicted," she said.

A Victor man who claims to be the victim of a hate crime says he wants the community to know his story.

Jim Eskildsen said he went to the Victor Village Inn early on the morning of Feb. 5 with his girlfriend and another friend to enjoy some karaoke.  

Eskildsen said he and his male friend stepped outside  for some fresh air behind the bar when they were assaulted by two men who told him they had been watching them.


WASHINGTON (AP & WXXI News) — Maryland's U.S. senators are sponsoring legislation to bring a statue of Harriet Tubman to the U.S. Capitol Building.

The Maryland General Assembly passed legislation in 2012 creating the Harriet Tubman Statue Commission to raise money and commission a statue for display in the U.S. Capitol Building. But Congress must pass legislation to accept the donation.

The bill Sens. Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin announced Monday will direct the Joint Committee on the Libraries to enter into an agreement to accept the statue.