A new list of seven up-and-coming American cocktail cities is out and Rochester... isn't on it. But maybe we should be. The 2016 Rochester Cocktail Revival is on the way, and our city marks the only such celebration in New York State this year. We talk about the craft, the trends, the economics, and what to expect at the 2016 event with our guests:

MCC President Anne Kress is getting ready to fill the role held by University of Rochester President Joel Seligman for the last several years, as co-chair of the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council, along with Wegmans CEO Danny Wegman.

Kress hopes that her appointment will help reinforce the emphasis that community colleges put on connecting people with training and jobs. And she also looks at the recent granting of $500 million for this area as part of the Upstate Revitalization Initiative as an incredible opportunity for the region.

Scandal Over 2014 Senate Races Could Grow

2 hours ago

Government reform groups say you can add one more item to the long list of reforms that they believe are needed in Albany. They say limits are needed on campaign contributions to county political committees. The committees collection and distribution of money factor into a growing criminal case against  New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio’s administration, and upstate Senate races in 2014.

The Monroe County Democratic Committee is being investigated for a series of large donations that found their way to then-State Senator Ted O'Brien's re-election campaign in 2014. Who sent that $225,000, and did the committee break any rules or laws?

Our guests look at money in politics, and what this affair tells us. Our guests:

  • Dave Andreatta, columnist with the Democrat & Chronicle
  • Dave McLaughlin, money in politics activist
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The Korean War is often called the forgotten war, but Krissy Rutherford tells me she never really learned enough about it to forget it.

"I had heard about it but I think it's something that really isn't mentioned in our culture a lot."

Rutherford is a senior at the University of Rochester, and one of several students taking a Korean War class at the school.

Jin Kim is a freshman in the class.

"I was definitely taught as much as possible by my parents about the Korean War, about what happened."

Cell Phone Inventor at U of R's Hajim Design Day

4 hours ago
Alex Crichton

The man who invented the cell phone says he expected his idea would catch on someday, but he never expected to see what's happening now.

Martin Cooper visited the University of Rochester during the annual Hajim Design Day, where senior engineering students put their inventions and devices on display.

Cooper says the fundamental idea behind cellular telephony came from Bell Laboratories in 1947. 

And its parent company AT&T decided to make car telephones. 

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NEW YORK (AP)  Minnesota Twins outfielder and current member of the Rochester Red Wings,  Reynaldo Rodriguez has been suspended 80 games following a positive test under baseball's minor league drug program.

The commissioner's office said Thursday he positive for metabolites of Stanozolol.

A 29-year-old who has played 11 minor league seasons without reaching the major leagues, Rodriguez is hitting .234 with one homer and three RBIs in 17 games this season from Triple-A Rochester of the International League.

Hundreds of law enforcement, mental health, medical, and child abuse prevention professionals are attending a two-day conference on child abuse in Rochester this week.

The keynote speaker Thursday heard today from filmmaker, writer and actress Angela Shelton about her own survival of child sexual abuse.

Shelton traveled the country several years ago, trying to meet every woman who shared her name.  She thought it would make a funny film.

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A Great Lakes restoration program has been reauthorized by the House of Representatives, but awaits final approval in the Senate.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter says, fighting for money to clean up the Great Lakes is more important now than ever.

"Twenty percent of all fresh water on this planet is in the Great Lakes, and we have an obligation to that to make sure that we keep it clean and keep it drinkable."