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The 8th day of deliberations in the Charles Tan murder trial ended Thursday morning with a hung jury.

The jury spent 12 hours on Thursday deliberating  into the night, before sending a note telling the judge they were exhausted and asking to be excused for the evening.

Judge James Piampiano said in court Thursday that he reviewed the law and said the  jury can be dismissed after so much time with no decision.

The 20 year old Pittsford man was accused and tried for the murder of his father, Jim Tan,at the family’s home,  this past winter.

VIDEO: Clinton Opposes Trans-Pacific Partnership

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(AP) Democratic presidential candidate HIllary Rodham Clinton pushed hard dozens of times for the Pacific Rim trade deal she now opposes as a presidential candidate.

But she also urged caution, reserved judgment and called for a "trade timeout'' the last time she ran for president. Then, as now, she sought the support of critical labor groups who oppose free trade.

SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher says the university’s administrative offices  and each of SUNY’s 64 campuses will observe a National Moment of Silence at 2pm on Thursday honoring the victims of last week’s shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

“College campuses are meant to provide students, faculty, and staff with a safe haven where they can teach, learn, and grow. It is unbearably saddening when a peaceful campus community like Umpqua Community College is disrupted by violence,” said Zimpher.

MCC President Anne Kress tweeted out this comment this morning.

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High out-of-pocket costs may prove to be an insurmountable obstacle for patients seeking medical marijuana. While the treatment has been legalized, the state has not set a price for it, and insurance companies will not be covering it.

As a result, people like Angel won't have access.

"My story is a long story."

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Officials in Livingston County report 4 cases of whooping cough in the area in the last month. There have been 7 in the past year.

Kathy Root is the director of patient services at the Livingston County Department of Health.

Whooping Cough—or pertussis—is a bacterial lung infection that can resemble a cold. In the worst cases, it develops violent coughing fits.

Imagine Rochester twenty years from now.

What will our city be like in 2035?

That's what residents are asked to do in a "Dare to Imagine" event Saturday.

There will be tools and activities on hand designed to inspire ideas about everything from the aesthetic look of the city to solutions for some of Rochester's pressing problems.

Organizer Aprille Byam says the process of working together to envision Rochester in 2035 is a goal in itself.

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The jury in the Charles Tan murder trial will be at it again for an 8th day of deliberations on Thursday. 

For the first time during the trial of Tan, who is accused of killing his father, the jury met into the night, but just before 9pm on Wednesday they told the judge they were exhausted and asked to be dismissed for the night.

During the nearly 12 hours of deliberations, jurors asked for the testimony of eight witnesses from the prosecution to be read back.

Court resumes at 9 a.m. on Thursday

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Second hour: Rochester's identity as an art and preservation town

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Governor Cuomo was in Batavia today to announce a new solar company is moving in to the STAMP site in Alabama, New York. The company, 1366 Technologies, will be the first to move into the Manufacturing Park in Western New York.

On stage at the Steiner Theater at Genesee Community College, Cuomo made his enthusiasm clear. He says this announcement is an example of a new era for Upstate New York.

"You see the energy changing, you see the mentality changing, and you see the synergy that's now developing. Today is a game changer."