ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York has spent $8.1 million to install hundreds of "I Love NY" highway signs that are the subject of a dispute with the federal government.

Federal and state officials are working to resolve a dispute over the legality of the signs.

Federal highway officials say the signs don't comply with federal regulations.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration argues they give an important boost to the state's tourism industry by highlighting local products and sites.

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A local Congressman got an earful, and then some, when he held four town hall meetings in Western New York and the Southern Tier on Saturday.

The sessions were raucous at times with protesters making their displeasure known loudly, particularly on the issue of the planned repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Reed supports the initiative of President Trump and Congressional Republicans to get rid of the ACA and replace it with something else.  He told WXXI News on Sunday that despite town hall meetings that got quite heated on Saturday, he doesn’t regret holding them.

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Two Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies suffered what are described as non-life threatening injuries after an accidental shooting early Sunday.

Authorities say the two men were at a private residence in Hilton just after midnight and had just finished cleaning and loading a handgun.

The gun dropped and one of the deputies tried to catch and in doing so, he grabbed the trigger and the gun went off, shooting him through his hand and in his lower leg. A bullet fragment also hit the other deputy in the leg.

When it comes to teen pregnancy, the US ranks substantially higher than other industrialized Western countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the US has about 24 births per 1-thousand girls. The teen birth rate in Rochester is about 1.6 times the national rate and 2.5 times the rate in New York State. That’s according to the City of Rochester. But this is a story where the narrative is slowly changing. On this segment of Need to Know we examine where things stand now with Rochester’s historically high pregnancy rate, the risk factors, the link between teen pregnancy and poverty, and the innovative approaches being used to teach teens about pregnancy prevention.


A class offered at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Rochester is encouraging people to learn more about the history and practice of Islam.

Dr. Joseph Kelly is the professor emeritus of religious studies at Nazareth College and leads the sessions. He said the classes were created to eliminate any uncertainty or fear people might have towards the faith, and separate the religion from extremist groups.

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NORTH HARMONY, N.Y. (AP & WXXI News) — Republican Rep. Tom Reed was greeted by dozens of boisterous protesters at a town hall held in Chautauqua County this weekend.

The crowd at a senior center in North Harmony was so large that Reed's meeting was moved outside on a sunny Saturday morning. Many in the crowd held signs opposing Donald Trump's presidency.

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ITHACA, N.Y. (AP) — Members of the Catholic Worker Movement who staged a sit-in at an office of a New York congressman who supports President Donald Trump have ended their protest after the Republican lawmaker showed up to speak with them.

Staffers at the Yates County Chamber of Commerce are mourning the loss of their President and CEO.

Mike Linehan died suddenly this past Wednesday. The cause of death of the 54 year old Linehan has not been determined yet.

Linehan headed up the chamber for 24 years.  The current chair of the chamber, Kathy Waye called Linehan “a tireless advocate for local businesses,” and said that “with his sudden death, the board will continue moving forward in following Linehan’s vision as president.”

Former board chair Mike Manahan said that “he was a true visionary.”


Rochester is among cities across the country that  are backing a lawsuit which seeks to continue blocking the travel ban President Trump issued last month.

That executive order has been stayed in the courts and this week the president said he will roll  out a new immigration executive order next week.

The cities signing on to the federal lawsuit say they would be impacted by the immigration order previously imposed because of their sizeable immigrant and refugee populations.