Xerox has acquired a Massachusetts based company which provides patient access and reimbursement services for more than 17 major pharmaceutical companies.

Xerox has acquired inVentive Patient Access Solutions. Xerox officials say the purchase will expand the company's pharmacy solutions portfolio.

Xerox industry leader for Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, Steve Roden, says with the acquisition, his company will expand affordable access to medications.

A regional banking company is out with an economic survey that is generally positive for Upstate New York as well as other parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

The semi-annual survey of M&T bank's business customers shows that mid-sized companies remain optimistic about near-term growth prospects.

About a third of the companies surveyed plan to hire additional workers within the next six months, with just three percent of them planning to lay off employees.

Tupac Shakur urged women to "keep ya head up" when fathers didn't do their part in raising children in poverty. He also recorded songs with misogynystic lyrics. How does that square? This hour, we continue our Monday conversation about misogyny in hip-hop culture. Our guests in studio:

  • Natasha Chen Christensen, chair of anthropology, history, political science and sociology at Monroe Community College
  • William Cleeton-Gandino, college student and rapper
  • Marquette Loyd, social activist
  • Gregory Brandon, aka DJ G-Nyce

Connections: What Can We Do With $500 million?

2 hours ago

What would you do with $500 million? The Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council is competing for that state money, a taxpayer-infused boost for the winning regions. Three will be chosen; four will not. On Tuesday, we sit down with the people leading the effort to land the cash. What are the plans? What is the strategy? In studio:

  • Joel Seligman, president of the University of Rochester
  • Anne Kress, president of Monroe Community College
  • Mark Peterson, CEO of the Greater Rochester Enterprise

Emmy-winning composer Jeff Beal and vocalist Joan Beal have committed to donating $2 million to the Eastman School of Music, which is their alma mater.

The money will launch the Beal Institute for Film Music and Contemporary Media. The institute will provide students with instruction and experiences to prepare them for jobs where they can write, produce and perform music for film and contemporary media.


The extended school day is often used as a tool in under-performing schools. It includes more instruction time, and also social support for students in poorer schools whose families may need help providing childcare or even meals throughout the day.

It seems like a less obvious program to put in place for a school district like Brighton, but Superintendent Kevin McGowan says even though their students are already considered successful, he thinks they can go deeper.

Michelle Faust

With school starting and new state requirements on vaccinations, parents are catching up to get their children’s immune systems ready for school. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other national health organizations are encouraging more immunization booster shots from child to adulthood.

The latest monthly Paychex |HIS Small Business Jobs Index shows that the numbers have declined a bit compared to this time last year. But Paychex CEO Marty Mucci tells WXXI News, that  overall, the trend is still positive.

“We’re about a half a percent less than last August ... it’s still steady, positive job growth above our base year , but it’s down about a half a percent and I think you’d expect, as we go through a long recovery that it does start to normalize at some point.  It’s still positive job growth, but it’s a little less than it was.”

The state is awarding RIT nearly a million dollars to establish a a New York State Center for Advance Technology in Additive Manufacturing and Functional Printing.

Additive manufacturing refers to printing or adding one layer of material on top of another, commonly referred to as 3D printing.

It'll be called the AMPrint Center for Advanced Technology, and it's director, Denis Cormier, says there's enormous potential.

Opt Out Letter Circulates

6 hours ago

School administrators are closely watching a letter campaign that’s taking place in the days before school starts that could lead to even more children opting out of state standardized tests.

The campaign, taking place on Facebook and other social media, aims to send children to class on the first day of the school year with a letter signed by their parents saying they will not be taking the standardized tests this year.