The Rochester School Board has voted to appoint Shaun Nelms as the Educational Partnership Organization (EPO) superintendent at East High School. He will assume the top leadership post at East on September 1st.

Nelms has served as the deputy superintendent since February, following state approval for the educational partnership with the University of Rochester.

The new school year kicks off next week for Rochester City Schools on September 2nd. But will students show up to class? On this edition of Need to Know, we’ll learn what the district is doing in an effort to re-frame mindsets about attendance. Are the new initiatives working and will they benefit all students?

Mayor Warren showed Speaker Heastie the Genesee Street Brownfield site, an old dry cleaning building that's scheduled for demolition.

Warren told the speaker they hope to build it back as a commercial hub, providing food or retail within walking distance of the residents.

The old big brick building, with broken windows and peeling paint, is just one stop on the speaker's trip, but it's an apt metaphor for the city itself: Once thriving, it's fallen into disrepair. But there's potential, and there's hope, and all it needs is a few more government dollars.

Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

Rochester Police have made an arrest in connection with the mass shooting on Genesee Street last week that took three lives and injured four others. But authorities say they cannot yet release a lot of details about the suspect. 

Chief Michael Ciminelli says someone is in custody for the drive-by shooting on Wednesday night of last week outside the Boys and Girls Club. But he can't identify the suspect yet until the charges are formally filed.

He does say police have some valuable evidence.

Let's talk about work culture. About work-life balance. About pushing employees without breaking them. Those subjects have been on the minds of many after the New York Times published a long piece examining the work culture inside Amazon. We'll sit down with local executives to talk about what they expect of their employees, and how they approach the question of balance. Our guests:

  • Luaren Dixon, CEO, Dixon Schwabl
  • Maureen Wolfe, senior vice president of human resources, ESL Federal Credit Union
  • Kathy Metcalf, marketing communication manager, Clark Patterson Lee
  • Jim Rahmlow, partner, Mengel Metzger Barr

We're focusing on integrity and values-based leadership, which might sound nebulous at first glance. But a team of local business and retired military leaders is concerned about the lack of values-based leadership just about everywhere: the board room, the church, the ballpark, the political arena. How to change that? They'll explain their approach. Our guests:

  • Carin Cole, assistant dean of the Simon School at the University of Rochester
  • John Batiste, retired U.S. Army Major General and co-founder of Level Five Associates
  • Robert Mixon, retired U.S. Army Major General and co-founder of Level Five Associates

CooperVision, the contact lens company that has operations in the Rochester area, is celebrating the move to its new corporate offices. That operation has moved from Woodcliff in Perinton to Victor's High Point Development.

About 325 people are employed there, and the company's President of North America, Jerry Warner, says the new space will allow more room for the company's growth.

He says it's possible they could add people down the line.

"Race for Space" in Downtown Rochester

13 hours ago
Alex Crichton

A new business competition aims to spur the growth of retail in downtown Rochester.

Organizers announced details of the "Race for the Space" contest this morning.

The plan gives applicants the opportunity to work with coaches and industry experts on a business plan, which they will pitch to a panel of judges.

The winner will get five thousand square feet of retail space at 127 East Avenue downtown, rent-free for a year.

The contest was developed by the team that formed the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

Wednesday's on-air murders of a Virginia television reporter and cameraman are generating some discussion about social media.

The man who fatally shot Alison Parker and Adam West took graphic video of the killings and posted it on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

RIT Social media expert Mike Johansson says even though the sites quickly removed the video, it was first seen by users who shared it with others and was captured so that the graphic footage may be available indefinitely for anyone who takes the time to look for it.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A legal battle over a hotly contested Utah law banning minimum prices for contact lenses is set to come before a federal appeals court on Thursday.

The nation's largest contact lens companies are asking the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver to strike down the measure that could have wide-ranging effects on the $4 billion industry.

Alcon Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson and Bausch & Lomb call the law a brazen overreach written specifically to help Utah-based discount seller 1-800 Contacts.