A report card was released this week and the grades given out reflect more than just the work of students. On this edition of Need to Know, we’ll discuss why these grades matter to our community and what’s in the pipeline to help change the trajectory for Rochester kids.

Also on the show, how do you teach Trump, Clinton, vote-rigging accusations and more in higher education? Local college students are weighing in and speaking out about Election 2016 in class and in our studio.

And we’re going Inside the Newsroom here at WXXI where a special New York radio collaboration explores pocketbook issues for upstate residents.


Senator Chuck Schumer is promising to further develop Laser Energetics at the University of Rochester so long as he can secure another $75 million in the 2018 federal budget.

On Thursday, Schumer launched his push to obtain the funding and brought U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz along for the announcement. Schumer said the investment would be a win-win, and the money would allow lab staff to double down on their energy discovery and national security work.

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Social media saw a lot of reaction to comments made on the WXXI talk show,  Connections with Evan Dawson on Thursday afternoon when the candidates for the 133rd Assembly District appeared on the program. Republican Joseph Errigo and Democrat Barbara Baer are vying for the seat left vacant after Bill Nojay killed himself just days before the primary.

Errigo grew up on Carter Street in Rochester - but he doesn’t go around there anymore.

“Where I lived, I wouldn’t go down there in an armored car, alright, because, that's how dangerous it is.”

The Republican candidate for Monroe County Clerk is taking Democrat Adam Bello to task over the issue of some local residents’ social security numbers being revealed online.

Cheryl Rozzi says she was made aware this week of the records of seven people whose social security numbers were not redacted as they should have been. Democrat Adam Bello was appointed county clerk earlier this year, and in making her point, Rozzi referred to a discussion that happened during the Voice of the Voter debate on WXXI earlier this week.

The death of Assemblyman Bill Nojay has opened up his seat for the November election. We sit down with both candidates: Republican Joe Errigo and Democrat Barbara Baer.

Why do people believe irrational things? Why do people believe things that are demonstrably untrue? For example, This American Life's Ira Glass recently interviewed his uncle, who didn't believe that Barack Obama went to Harvard.

How can we convince ourselves that basic facts are somehow untrue, connected to a conspiracy? One clue comes in a recent survey showing that Americans on social media spend almost no time reading or following posts from people who disagree with them.

We explore the power of belief and what we can do to open our minds. Our guests:

  • Eric Caine, chair of the department of psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Jannai Shields, Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at the University of Rochester
Matt Ryan New York Now

It looks like U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer will be re-elected to a fourth term on Nov. 8, barring any major turn of events. He’s about 40 points ahead of his nearest opponent in the polls, and the bigger question now is: Will Schumer be the next Senate minority leader or majority leader?

Schumer is running for re-election, but he’s not exactly campaigning. He’s mostly just continuing what he’s been doing for years — relentlessly traveling New York state, focusing on local issues. 

Group Celebrating Diversity in Brighton

16 hours ago

A community group in Brighton is holding a vigil and walk tonight in response to racist flyers spread in their town.

They're called Community Uprooting Racism, or CURB.

Organizer Monica Gebelll says the group is committed to promoting education and diversity awareness in the community.

"So that we can show our solidarity and celebrate Brighton's diversity.  We're going to stand together to show that we will not stand for intolerance.  And we want to be able to come together to show our children that our community really is a beautiful place to live," she said.


There's not enough cold air in the forecast to cause any substantial accumulation in most places in and around Rochester, but it was a rude awakening early today for many who had to find the snow brushes if they were making an early start.

First hour: Why we believe things that are obviously untrue

Second hour: Meet the candidates competing to fill Bill Nojay's Assembly seat