Warner School of Education

The Educational Partnership Organization, the University of Rochester group overseeing East High School, recently elected a new superintendent.

Shaun Nelms has been working in education for fifteen years, from teacher to administrator, and says he's picked up several ideas along the way that he's excited about putting into practice at the school

For example, Nelms wants to set up a system to encourage parent participation in a variety of ways. He says he doesn't really believe in apathetic parents.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP)  The Buffalo Bills are turning their offense over to Tyrod Taylor, who has won the starting job after a three-way quarterback competition during the offseason.

Coach Rex Ryan announced his decision following practice on Monday. ``It came down to the explosiveness Tyrod gives us,'' Ryan said.

Taylor won the job over former Bills starter and 2013 first-round draft pick EJ Manuel, and Matt Cassel, a 10-year journeyman who was acquired in an offseason trade with Minnesota.

Battle Against Emerald Ash Borer Continues

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There are measures homeowners can take to save their trees from the emerald ash borer that is killing trees throughout the region.

Laurie Broccolo, owner of Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care Center, says trees can be treated and protected from the insect through an injection in into the trunk.

"If we can protect these trees over the next few years, the emerald ash borer will continue to move out of our neighborhood, and what we have protected will continue to be fine for many years to come."

A professor at the University of Rochester will be getting help from a $430,000 federal grant for advanced laser research.

That according to Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, who says the grant for Chunlei Guo, who is an optical physicist, is to help create surfaces that are either water attracting or water repelling.

The Army is helping to fund the research, which Slaughter says has implications for both defense and industrial uses. For instance, it can help protect military vehicles and appliances against corrosion and chemical and biological contamination.

There will be a vigil on Thursday night in Rochester, to mark the one-year anniversary since the murder of Officer Daryl Pierson.

Family, friends and fellow officers will gather outside the Rochester Public Safety Building at 7:30 p.m. and several members of the Pierson family are expected to speak. The event will take place around the Fallen Police Officers Memorial, where Pierson's name is etched in stone.

The event is open to the public, and those attending are encouraged to bring a candle or some other form of light.

An employee at a Rochester elementary school is threatening to sue the city school district over what she calls the mishandling of two separate incidents.

Gloria Johnson Hovey, a social worker at School # 8, said this past June, she was physically attacked in two separate incidents by a family members of students.

Hovey said one incident happened in the school cafeteria on June 3, when a grandmother working as a volunteer disagreed with Hovey when the social worker was trying to teach a kindergartner how to peel an orange.

Karen DeWitt

State Education Commissioner Mary Ellen  is  clarifying her stand on the Opt Out move  in an interview with NYS PBS’ NY Now and public radio today.

20% of children this year boycotted the third through eight grade math and English tests associated with the Common Core learning standards.

Commissioner Elia says parents “absolutely” have the right to opt their kids out of state standardized tests, but she says she still wants to talk to them to try to bring them back to the fold.

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Filmmaker Woody Allen is credited for that famous quote. So one can imagine from that statement alone what it means when we hear approximately 10,000 kids in the Rochester City School District are identified as “chronically absent.” That means they don’t show up for 10% or more of school over the course of the school year. Teachers and education leaders say this can be fixed. On this edition of Need to Know we learn how the RCSD is tackling the problem.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP & WXXI News)  Veteran running back and respected team leader Fred Jackson has been released by the Buffalo Bills.

With nine seasons in Buffalo, the 34-year-old Jackson had been the second-longest serving active player and one of the team's most popular players among fans. The move came as a slight surprise, though Jackson's tenure was in question because of his age and the team's moves to restock its running backs this offseason.

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