EPA Endorses DEC Sewage Plan For Boaters

8 minutes ago

On request of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, the federal Environmental Protection Agency has proposed that a “no discharge zone” can be established for Seneca Lake, Cayuga Lake and the Seneca River.

The DEC asked the EPA to prohibit boats from discharging sewage into these waters by establishing a “no discharge zone” for the area.

Corning Museum of Glass

Rochester sculptor Albert Paley is working with scientists and glassmakers at Corning Incorporated, to create objects by fusing glass and metal.

Before Corning developed a type of glass that has the same properties as the metal alloy Kovar, this would not have been possible because the two materials have vastly different cooling rates.

Paley will be publicly demonstrating his glass and metal work for the first time at Corning's new Amphitheater Hot Shop today and Saturday.


WXXI and the Little Theatre have launched a new initiative, Veterans Connections, which is designed to help bridge military and veteran needs with community support and awareness.

Tom Gasek

The Fast Forward Film Festival debuts tonight at the Little Theater.

The event features two nights of screenings of short films made by local professional and aspiring film makers that raise awareness about environmental issues.

One of those films is called "Ain't No Fish", co-directed by professional animator and RIT professor Tom Gasek.  It's a short stop motion animated film featuring singing seals, but it delivers a powerful message about the plight of our oceans.

Tom tells says he actually started working on this short film in the early 1990s.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York's Board of Elections has split along party lines on closing the so-called "LLC loophole" in campaign finance rules, leaving it intact.

Democratic Commissioners Douglas Kellner and Andrew Spano have proposed treating limited liability companies like partnerships, subject to more complete disclosures and donation restrictions, reversing a 1996 decision.

Republican Commissioners Peter Kosinski and Gregory Peterson voted no, saying it's up to the Legislature to change the campaign law.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The leader of New York's state Senate says he will cooperate with authorities following a published report that prosecutors and the FBI are investigating him and his son.

Rochester's elephant population is getting a little larger.

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks and officials from the Seneca Park Zoo are announcing the arrival of two female African elephants. Moki and Chana were born in Zimbabwe in 1982. They come to Rochester from the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens in Florida.

Dr. Jeff Wyatt, Seneca Park Zoo Director of Health and Conservation was with the elephants when they were transported from Jacksonville. He says both elephants are in good health and neither was sedated during the trip aboard a climate-controlled semi-trailer.


Fighting for civil rights for Rochester residents for 50 years. On this edition of Need to Know, we’ll look at the impact of an organization working to equip and empower African Americans, Latinos and the disadvantaged, and how it views the long road ahead.

Also on the show, Rochester teenagers baring their souls and sharing their innermost thoughts through original writing and performing. How poetry slams are engaging teens and breaking stereotypes.

What is an ecovillage? It’s a small-scale community that aims to have minimal ecological impact. Ithaca has its own ecovillage, founded in 1991 by Liz Walker, who is coming to Rochester to speak to Flower City Cohousing. That’s a local group that is trying to build its own thriving cohousing community. Members of their organization will be with us. The panel:

  • Liz Walker, co-founder of EcoVillage at Ithaca
  • Jane Ellen Bleeg, Flower City Cohousing
  • Kathy Albertini, Flower City Cohousing
  • Tony Toscano, Flower City Cohousing

It has been 150 years since the assassination of Lincoln, and on this edition of Connections, we’ll explore the legacy of one of our great presidents. We’ll talk about the assassination – how it happened, how it was reported, and how things have changed. And we’ll talk about whether recent films and interpretations of Lincoln have been accurate with our guest, Joseph Fornieri, director of the Center for Statesmanship, Law, and Liberty at RIT.