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The Save Our Youth program is an initiative in the Northeast Quadrant of Rochester, aimed at reducing crime in those neighborhoods.

The idea is to treat violence as a public health issue, much like a pandemic that spreads through contact. Waymon Daniels is an outreach worker with Save Our Youth, a program through Action for a Better Community.


New York State has established regional task forces in an effort to help crime victims.

Governor Cuomo’s office announced that the four countywide task forces will enhance the way that law enforcement, medical personnel and social services respond to criminal cases involving people with disabilities and special needs who have been victimized.

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul made the announcement at the Monroe County Sheriff's Office in Rochester.

David Roediger is considered one of the leading voices in the public discussion of white privilege or, as he prefers to call it, "white advantage." Roediger is a historian who has examined race throughout American history, including in his book, The Wages of Whiteness. Roediger visited Hobart & William Smith to speak to students about race, American history, and the recent events related to police / community relations. 

James Hansen in our guest, and he's considered one of the most significant voices in the call for action on climate change. In fact, Hansen's testimony before a U.S. Senate committee in 1988 is considered to be a turning point, an event that pushed the public to viewing climate change as an immediate threat. He was the Director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and is highly regarded for his research. Hansen is in Rochester for several events; he'll speak at the Little Theatre on Monday night, and then he'll address a SRO crowd Tuesday night as part of an event put on by the local chapter of the Sierra Club.

In 2016 low-income New Yorkers will have a new option for health coverage on the state health insurance marketplace. 

State Health Officials announced last week the adoption of a Basic Health Plan that allows people who earn up to 200 percent of the federal poverty line to enroll in low-cost health coverage.

Premiums cost around 20 dollars a month and there are no deductibles.

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After a recent incident of "swatting" in Rochester, Senator Charles Schumer is proposing legislation to impose harsher penalties on offenders.

The purpose of swatting is to trick a local police department into responding to a threatening prank call using emergency personnel like bomb squads, hostage negotiators, and swat teams.

the New York State Legislature returns for the second half of the legislative session, once again under a cloud of corruption, and with numerous unsettled issues.

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The Rochester Police Department Reorganization went into effect overnight. The plan restructures the city into five sections, instead of two. Officers are also designated to smaller beats.

Mayor Lovely Warren says the city and the police are doing their part to further reduce crime, but she says the success of this program also depends on members of the community stepping up and working with police to make the streets safer.

Urban League of Rochester

A voice for the voiceless. That’s how some describe the Urban League of Rochester. The local arm of the nationally renowned organization launched at a time of racial and economic unrest in Rochester. It’s been serving the underserved in our community for the past 50 years. Its focus is helping African Americans, Latinos and the disadvantaged become economically self-sufficient through jobs, education, home-ownership and entrepreneurship. In this segment of Need to Know, viewers will learn more about the organization’s wide reach and plans for the future.

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On Saturday, National Record Store Day brought enthusiasts young and old to their favorite local music stores in droves. Lakeshore Record Exchange on Park Avenue in Rochester was no exception.