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First hour: Garrison Keillor

Second hour: History through archaeology


BUFFALO (AP) A lawsuit challenging the way New York state funds its charter schools has survived a legal challenge.

A state Supreme Court judge Wednesday denied the state's motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought by charter school parents in Rochester and Buffalo and the Northeast Charter Schools Network.

State officials had argued to have the suit thrown out, but Judge Donna Siwek decided the charter proponents had made enough of a case to continue.

Sutherland Global Services is looking to fill more than 200 positions in Rochester. Because of that, the provider of business process and technology management services will be holding a recruitment event on Thursday.

It will be held at MCC's Brighton campus from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Sutherland is partnering with the NYS Labor Department for this job fair.

The positions available include customer service and technical support specialists as well as sales consultants.

We’re talking Farm to Fork in Rochester with a new collaboration among the Public Market, the Westside Market, and the South Wedge Market. The goal is to promote the markets – and local food – more directly surrounding the markets. Ideally, this brings in more people of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. We'll dive into this new collaboration with our guests:

What is sensitivity training, exactly? Henrietta supervisor Jack Moore defied calls for him to step down, saying he instead would take sensitivity training. This followed the release of a tape showing Moore making racially charged remarks. Does sensitivity training work? What does it entail? We’ll hear all about the process with someone who has been conducting anti-racism training for a long time, Rev. Myra Brown, parish minister of Spiritus Christi Church.

In the final weeks of the legislative session, groups are lobbying for some of the major remaining issues still on the table, including the Mayor of New York, and groups who want a property tax break for homeowners struggling to hold on to their houses. And both accuse Governor Cuomo of not taking an active enough role.

Excellus Cautions About Early, Elective C-Sections

10 hours ago
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield released new data emphasizing the frequency and risks of premature births. It comes as part of an effort to dissuade mothers from opting for unnecessary early delivery.

"Our obstetricians and our pediatricians and our family practitioners are already having these conversations,” said Dr. Jamie Kerr, the insurer’s Chief Medical Officer for Utilization Management. “This is about enhancing the information and hopefully facilitating the information, with the public."

WATCH: The New Golisano Children's Hospital

13 hours ago

A ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday for the "new" Golisano Children's Hospital.

The 8-story, $145 million project is the largest capital project in the University of Rochester's history.

It includes state of the art patient care technology, and living space for parents so they can be with their children during their hospital stay.

Pediatrician-in-chief, Dr. Nina Schor, says this facility was built specifically with children and families in mind.


It’s amazing how many drivers out there can tell stories of instances where they were completely blindsided by a nearby motorbike. And the statistics back up the anecdotes.

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, motorcyclists accounted for 14 per cent of the total highway fatalities in the country, despite motorcycle registrations representing only three per cent of all vehicles in the United States in 2013.

Bishop Rededicates Cemetery Buildings

15 hours ago
Diocese of Rochester

"We are really gathered for a spiritual and deep religious experience."

The words of Bishop Salvatore Matano of the Diocese of Rochester Wednesay morning. He blessed and rededicated the gatehouses at the east entrance to Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

"These are no ordinary buildings. These are holy buildings, and this is sacred ground."

The gatehouses were used at the turn of last century by people taking the electric trolley to the lake. The buildings are again available for use for post-funeral gatherings, retreats and by non-profit organizations.