3:46 pm
Fri August 22, 2014

Connections: Innovation Friday - Young Entrepreneurs; Smart Energy Grids

Young entrepreneurs in ROC, and how data can lead to clean energy.

In this hour, we join some school-age local business entrepreneurs who’ve been part of the RochesterWorks! Summer Youth Employment Program, a partnership between the City of Rochester/Summer of Opportunity program and Action for a Better Community.  They took part in a business competition, similar to the TV show "Shark Tank". We talk with judges from the competition, Viet Ngyuen and Lattrell Liptrott of Phu Concepts, and young entrepreneur Malquam Duyton.

Then we round out the program,  with a look at how the internet and access to data about energy could help consumer and businesses save money and support renewable energy strategies. We chat with Ingrid Akerlind, a fellow at the Clean Energy Program of Third Way about this topic.

3:34 pm
Fri August 22, 2014

Connections: Innovation Friday - ROC Maker Faire; What is Tech Good For?

Rochester's Maker Faire is coming, and Innovations in education, our offices, and casinos.

In the first part of the show, we call out for all 'makers' to take part in the Rochester Maker Faire in November. Co-chair Dan Schniderman joins us to tell us about the event, and who can take part (spoiler: anyone!). Then, Xanthe Matychak from the Ithaca Generator joins us to tell us what happens at the generator (spoiler: they make stuff!). 

In the latter part of the show, we're joined by Kara Miller of WGBH's Innovation Hub. We talk with Kara bout technology in education, our offices, and in the casino. 

1:52 pm
Fri August 22, 2014

Addressing the Future of Public Education

Writers and Books Director Joe Flaherty and community partners
Credit Alex Crichton / WXXI

Writers and Books is coordinating a series of discussions this fall on the future of public education. Executive Director Joe Flaherty says a series of community discussions will address issues like standardized tests, teacher tenure, the Common Core, and many more. He says the forums will present both sides of those issues and invite community involvement. The initiative starts with a Skype appearance September 10th by former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch, author of the book "Reign of Error." She went from being a champion of No Child Left Behind to an outspoken critic of

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11:26 am
Fri August 22, 2014

Free Opioid Overdose Prevention Program Offered to Public


Police departments and safety officers on college campuses carry them.

And now, with the surge in heroin and opioid overdoses, members of the general public can be trained to use overdose reversal kits.

UR Medicine's Strong Recovery is beginning a monthly program for those who have friends and family members they know or suspect of using the drugs, or addicts who want to be able to help their friends.   

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WXXI Top Stories
9:59 am
Fri August 22, 2014

Around the State 8-22-14

The WXXI News staff checks newspapers and websites to help keep tabs on what's happening in communities across New York state.

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WXXI Local Stories
8:02 am
Fri August 22, 2014

Couple Wanted to Enslave Amish Girls, Say Police

Nicole Vaisey and Stephen Howells, Jr.
Credit Associated Press

FOWLER, N.Y. (AP) _ An investigator says a northern New York couple kidnapped two Amish sisters from their family farm stand with a plan to turn them into slaves but released them after becoming frightened by news reports. 

St. Lawrence County Sherriff's Sgt. Brooks Bigwarfe says Nicole Vaisey admitted she and boyfriend Stephen Howells Jr. lured the 7-year-old and 12-year-old girls to their car with an offer to pet their dog and that Howells shoved them in. 

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5:08 pm
Thu August 21, 2014

AG Challenger Focuses on Corruption Commission

Republican candidate for Attorney General John Cahill, outside the Robert Abrams Building for Law and Justice in Albany

The Republican challenger in the race for New York Attorney General has begun airing TV ads and is making an issue of incumbent Eric Schneiderman’s role in a controversial ethics commission.

Republican candidate for Attorney General John Cahill has made several stops around the state in recent days, focusing on the controversial Moreland Commission on corruption.

Cahill says there are unanswered questions about how deeply involved the current Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, was with the commission. The commions’s actions are now under federal investigation.

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4:36 pm
Thu August 21, 2014

Connections: Alzheimer's Disease At Any Age

Alzheimer's disease does not just affect older people.

Alzheimer’s disease only strikes an older population, right? Not so. Amy Norton was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at 43 years old and it’s changed the life of the family, including daughter Megan Norton who presented an essay for her class about her mom’s condition, titled "The Continuous Nightmare".

Megan and her father, Brian, will head the Walk to End Alzheimer’s next month in Mendon. They’re on Connections to tell their story, along with Teresa Galbier, president and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association of Rochester & Finger Lakes Region.

Here are resources from our television program "Second Opinion" about Living With Alzheimer's and Caregiving for Someone with Alzheimer's.

4:19 pm
Thu August 21, 2014

Connections: Rochester Labor Film Series

Celebrating 25 years of the Rochester Labor Film series.

The 25th annual Rochester Labor Film Series starts next month at the Dryden Theatre. The series focuses on classic films, modern films and documentaries that highlights a wide range of labor issues. The series starts with 9 to 5 on September 5. Joining us to discuss the Rochester Labor Film Series are co-curator John Garlock, and his son Chris Garlock who is director of DC Labor FilmFest