ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration on Friday ended its practice of automatically deleting emails after 90 days following criticism that it was an affront to open government.

Instead, administration staffers will manually delete emails as they choose — though emails containing certain important records will be retained longer.

Cuomo will also seek to introduce legislation that would close a loophole in existing law that largely exempts the state Senate and Assembly from existing open records laws, according to Bill Mulrow, a top Cuomo aide.

The University of Rochester Medical Center has sent letters to around 3400 patients informing them that a list containing patient information was shared with a local neurology practice.

Officials say that list was shared by a URMC nurse practitioner who did not have the authorization to do that. The list contained patient names, addresses, dates of birth and medical information. It did not have social security numbers or insurance details.

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A crash involving an SUV and a small bus  carrying people with developmental disabilities resulted in more than a dozen people injured in Livingston County  Friday afternoon.

It happened at about 2:30 p.m. when police say that the SUV collided with a small bus carrying adults from a group program in Geneseo. It happened on Route 20-A  near 390 in the Town of Geneseo.

There were 9 clients of The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming on the bus, along with one staffer and the driver. The bus tipped onto its side after the collision.

Nearly 8000 runners  are participating in the annual Color Run in Rochester on Saturday.

The annual 5K race features stops where runners are doused with colored powder.

The Color Run locally is a fundraiser for the organization Teens Living With Cancer.  

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The acquisition of Exelis Inc.  by Harris Corporation is expected to close  next week.  On Friday, Exelis announced its shareholders approved the merger agreement.

It was announced earlier this year that Harris agreed to buy Exelis in a transaction valued at $4.75 billion as the telecommunications equipment company expands into aerospace.

Jennifer Henley, the director of security operations at Facebook, recently gave a keynote address at RIT. As head of security for a site that has nearly 1.5 billion active users every month, she has some practical tips for staying safe on the internet.

Then we’ll check in on what a nationwide survey of people in the rental market can tell us about our cities and communities. The rental market is at a 20-year high, probably good for landlords, but do renters matter to cities? And what aspirations does this highly mobile segment of our population have? We’ll ask Andrew Tam, vice president of data science at Apartment List

We’re talking about neurodiversity in the workplace. Between 60 and 70 percent of people living with autism in America are unemployed. We’ll touch base with families who are working to support people with autism and look at local programs aimed at getting people on the spectrum into meaningful employment. We’ll also speak with a former director of the California State Labor Department  about the Autism Job Club and six strategies that could reshape employment for adults with autism.  

  • Michael S. Bernick, Co-Author of The Autism Job Club
  • Zakarya Banks, guest living with Asperger syndrome
  • Evelyn Evans, Zakarya’s aunt
  • Anne Harvey, Dazzle School president  
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A Rochester police officer has received one of the highest civilian awards for saving four small children from a burning minivan.

Christine Wilson was off-duty when she witnessed the accident on November 23rd, 2013. 

She helped four children to safety before the van was engulfed in flames.

"I was at the right place at the right time, so I'm just grateful I'm here to tell the story in a positive manner, as well."

Wilson says she feels she did what any normal person would've done in that situation.


A researcher at the University of Rochester has developed a smart phone app they believe could help diminish the spread of Ebola and connect patients with necessary health care more quickly.

The app, called "Node", asks people to input their physical symptoms such as fever. If the answers are consistent with Ebola symptoms, they can be connected with health care workers.

The app is the creation of Solomon Abiola, a Uof R research associate. He says the app's ability to track a person's location is crucial in limiting the spread of the disease.

Supporters of Tax Cap Push to Make it Permanent

20 hours ago

There’s a push by business groups and Republicans in the State Senate, as well as Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, to make the state’s 2% per year property tax cap permanent. Backers have issued a report to bolster their views, and say public opinion is on their side.