Live coverage of President Donald Trump's address to congress is courtesy of PBS NewsHour.

Just one month before the state budget is due, numerous interest groups are converging on the State Capitol, asking that they be included in the budget.

Among the more impassioned efforts is one from developmentally disabled people and their caregivers. They are seeking $45 million in state subsidies to pay workers more money to comply with the rising minimum wage in New York.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature last year phased in an increase that will eventually lead to a $15 hourly wage in New York City and a $12.50 wage upstate.

There will be a racing season at Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack.

The 56th consecutive season of thoroughbred racing was somewhat in doubt when the track owners and the horsemen's association could not agree on terms for this upcoming season.

Officials say the main difficulty has been trying to predict how the opening of the del Lago Resort & Casino in Seneca County would affect revenues.

But the season came together with the help of additional money from the track, the New York Breeders' Association and a contribution from del Lago.

The 2016 crime statistics in Rochester show Part 1 crimes, those deemed most serious by the FBI,  such as homicides, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, fell to the lowest point in 30 years.

At a news conference Tuesday, Mayor Lovely Warren and Police Chief Michael Ciminelli said city crime continues to decline and the Rochester Police Department’s efforts to reduce shootings are working.

“Shootings fell by 20 percent. But, sadly, homicides were up,” Warren said. 

School leaders argue that New York State has shortchanged them. Last week, we heard from suburban districts. Now, we hear from students and parents in the Rochester City School District, who argue that students there are more acutely impacted.

So what are they asking for? And what do they hope to accomplish with this weekend's People's March for Education Justice? Our guests:

  • Je'Carl Hill, RCSD graduate and youth organizer at Teen Empowerment
  • Juan Callado, high school student at Monroe BOCES, and member of Metro Justice and Special Parents Special Kids
  • Pia Moller, parent of a student at School 53, and member of Metro Justice
  • Eamonn Scanlon, lead education organizer for Metro Justice and the Alliance for Quality Education in Rochester

Where's the ideological diversity on college campuses? As reported in Reason and elsewhere, some campuses see more than 95% of their professors (who donate) give to Democrats. Conservative professors and students might feel stifled or outcast.

Our guests discuss whether campuses should strive to have more ideological diversity, and whether progressive thought is a more natural path for academics.

  • Robby Soave, reporter and staff editor, Reason.com and Reason magazine
  • Stephen Brauer, associate professor of English at St. John Fisher College
  • Chris Hodgman, sophomore at the University of Rochester and member of the College Republicans

The controversy over a proposed Whole Foods grocery store in Brighton has now reached the shelves of a nearby Wegmans.

Danny Daniele, a member of the family that owns restaurants and car washes and wants to put in a Whole Foods in the plaza where Mario’s Restaurant was located on Monroe Avenue, is criticizing Wegmans for pulling Mario’s pasta sauce from the shelves of the Pittsford Wegmans. It has also been pulled from other Wegmans stores.


Members of the New York Farm Bill are in Washington taking about their priorities with the state's congressional delegation.

At the top of their list is immigration reform.

Farm Bureau President David Fisher says that's something that has been talked about for a long time, but it's an issue that is now at the forefront because of the actions taken by the Trump administration.

"The farm bureau believes in having strong border security, but enforcement cannot be the only approach to fixing a broken immigration system," he said.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) — Local Democratic U.S. Rep. Louise Slaughter says her guest for President Donald Trump's address to Congress will be a Rochester man who benefited from health care reform.

Republicans in control of Congress face pressure to scrap the Affordable Care Act, though finding a way to do it has proved difficult. Trump said Monday that "nobody knew that health care could be so complicated."

There have been several staffers laid off at the Rochester Business Journal.

Publisher Suzanne Fischer-Huettner, who is also publisher of The Daily Record, says that the company that owns the two papers, BridgeTower Media, is restructuring operations and consolidating editorial operations of the RBJ and The Daily Record.

Eight employees have been affected by the changes. Fisher-Huettner says that editorial operations of the two papers will be led by Ben Jacobs, the current editor of The Daily Record.