UR Harrasment Investigation

The law firm representing professors and graduate students at the University of Rochester who have filed a complaint alleging they were harmed by the actions of Professor Florian Jaeger and the way the university responded now say they plan to file a federal lawsuit next month.

Jaeger faces allegations of sexual harassment, and he has been on administrative leave since September.

The petition urging researchers around the world to discourage students from attending the University of Rochester is gaining more attention.

The controversy over allegations of harassment made against Professor Florian Jaeger was picked up in a story by the Washington Post on Wednesday.


An open letter has been signed by a number of professors outside the University of Rochester condemning the administration for its response to allegations of sexual harassment.

Over 200 professors from universities and colleges both in the United States and abroad have signed a letter to the UR board of trustees saying, "In the present circumstances, they cannot in good conscience encourage students to pursue educational or employment opportunities at the University of Rochester." 


The University of Rochester is solidifying its commitment to Mary Jo White, the attorney chosen to conduct the independent investigation into an EEOC complaint against UR professor Florian Jaeger.

The University of Rochester Special Committee set up to respond to allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation is announcing some changes which it says will “confirm the rigor, fairness and transparency” of the investigative process.

The committee was set up recently after a complaint was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by current and former faculty members against Professor Florian Jaeger. The university has already announced that Jaeger, who had been initially cleared in an earlier investigation, is now on administrative leave.

Meliora Movement Facebook

A new group on the University of Rochester campus wants to pick up where recent protests have left off.

The Meliora Movement says it wants to pressure the university to take preventative rather than retroactive measures to ensure that all voices at the school are represented.

Laura Cowie-Haskell is part of the movement and said after following the events surrounding Florian Jaeger and the way the school handled alleged sexual harassment accusations, it was time to speak up.

A response has been issued by current and former faculty at the University of Rochester, after the university this week outlined steps for an independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

But the people making the complaint are not happy with what has been proposed.

Lindsay Wrobel

Shortly before the University of Rochester announced Tuesday it would be putting Florian Jaeger on administrative leave, the professor contacted the woman who had been hunger striking against him.

Lindsey Wrobel posted a screenshot of an email to a Facebook group that has become a gathering place for protestors and those supporting her strike.

Wrobel had stopped eating last Thursday at midnight, in response to how the university had been handling allegations of sexual harassment filed against Jaeger. Later on Tuesday, Wrobel  ended her hunger strike.

university of rochester

There are new developments in the ongoing controversy involving the handling of sexual harassment accusations against a professor at the University of Rochester.

The University's Board of Trustees says it has appointed a special committee to oversee an independent, comprehensive investigation into all matters involving the sexual harassment complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against the University.

Lindsay Wrobel

It’s been almost five days since University of Rochester student Lindsay Wrobel has had anything to eat.

Wrobel is on a hunger strike in protest of the UR administration's response to allegations of sexual harassment involving tenured UR professor Florian Jaeger.

A number of current and former students and faculty filed an EEOC complaint about Jaeger’s alleged inappropriate behavior.