Are urbanists trying to push cars out of American cities? A recent piece in The Urban Phoenix, which was created by a Rochesterian, argues that cars will always be king in this country, but we need to strike a much better balance. The piece was hailed by urbanists and mocked by some who saw it as an attack on the automobile.

So what does a balanced mode of transportation truly look like, and are we close to achieving it? Our guests:

How would a more robust public transit system change Rochester? And what would it look like?

The Community Design Center's Reshaping Rochester Series continues next week with the theme, Transportation as a Leveler. Two of the event's speakers join us on Connections to discuss the strategies they've used to improve public transit in cities like Tucson, Chicago, and Memphis, and how these successes have improved access to jobs, healthcare, and education. Our guests:

  • Mo Duggan, executive director, Community Design Center of Rochester
  • Roger Brown, creative Consultant, Community Design Center of Rochester
  • Steve Farley, Arizona State Senator
  • Jacky Grimshaw, vice president for policy, Center for Neighborhood Technology


If you’re a person who frequently rides buses and subways, particularly during peak hours, then you may have been called the “S” word. You stand in the crammed aisle and hold on to a strap or handrail so that you don’t fall down. History has it you’re a Straphanger.

It’s an old term, from the 19th century, currently used in places like New York City and London. Straphanger is also the title of a book written by Taras Grescoe, a worldly, avid transit user. 

We're looking at the future of transportation as we look at what other cities have done -- and what might be possible in Rochester. It's the final lecture in the annual Reshaping Rochester series, and we'll preview it on Connections with our guests:

  • Norman Garrick, Ph. D., Associate Professor, University of Connecticut, Speaker for the final RRCDC lecture
  • Crystal Benjamin-Bafford, Director of Service Planning, RTS  
  • Jim McIntosh, City of Rochester Engineer
  • Howard Decker,FAIA , RRCDC Rochester board member