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The organization representing more than 600 public school boards across the state says how science is taught in the classroom will influence how a generation of students think about climate change.

Starting this fall, new standards for teaching science go into effect in New York.  They put a much more specific emphasis on the role of human activity in global warming.

Click on the LISTEN link above to hear an interview with Dave Albert, spokesman for the New York State School Boards Association.

We continue our series of interviews with the candidates for Rochester City School Board. We discuss the candidates’ priorities, and we discuss hot issues in the election. In studio:

Six candidates are vying for three seats on the Rochester City School Board, and they all say it’s time for change. We sit down with the candidates in groups of three to learn why they are running, to hear their platforms, and to explore their ideas for improving struggling schools and increasing the ranks of teachers of color in the district. It’s your chance to meet the candidates and ask your questions. In studio:

The Rochester School Board recently passed a nearly $900 million budget. District spending has a few critics among Rochester’s mayoral candidates who are calling for more accountability and transparency. One person who has spent much time dissecting what’s working and what’s not in city schools is Board President Van White. He joins this edition of Need to Know to talk mayor-school district partnership, the current state of the city school system and more.

Tomorrow, voters head to the polls to take part in elections for district school board and district budgets. Jody Siegle, executive director of the Monroe County School Boards Association joins us to talk about the elections, and the educational topics that may sway voting decisions.

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A month after the Newtown school shootings, most of New York's school board members say they're still worried students don't have adequate access to mental health services.  

The New York State School Boards Association informally polled its members on topics including school safety, mental health services and stricter gun laws. Within 24 hours, more than 600 members responded.