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The Trump administration's proposed budget cuts have left many people concerned about the future of a number of programs, including after school programs and Meals on Wheels. A local group says political leaders need to better understand the value of these programs. We talk to them about the myths and realities, and about how the proposed cuts could affect people in our area. Our guests:

  • Kelly Bauman, director of expanded learning at the Rochester City School District
  • Stephanie Fitzgerald, school age youth program officer for United Way
  • Chris Neitzey, policy director for the New York State Network for Youth Success
  • Christina Christman, parent of a middle school student who attends an after school program in the Rochester City School District
  • Margaret Schweizer, director of Meals on Wheels at UR Medicine Home Care

What should we make of President Trump's recent foreign trip? One way to assess its success is to understand how allies are viewing it.

Our guest, professor Randy Stone, is well positioned to address that question. He's the director of the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies. He helps us see the impact of this trip and what it means for diplomatic relations going forward.

Jon Haliniak / WXXI

President Trump tweets a lot. With tens of millions of followers on Twitter, Trump proposes policy, shares his latest actions and reacts to the news. But 140 characters rarely gives the full context. Here, we attempt to do just that for key tweets.


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