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Monroe County Sheriff’s officials say that with the help of Rochester Police, they raided a pawn shop in Brighton on Tuesday afternoon and confiscated what they say are stolen goods with an estimated value of $200,000 to $300,000. It happened at Mr. Deals at 2862 West Henrietta Road.

Authorities arrested the owner of the store, 29 year old Marcus Luciano along with store manager 22 year old John Lombardo. Both are from Greece.

Efforts by Charter Communications (Spectrum)  to get some homeless people who have been camped out on South Avenue off of their property heated up on Tuesday morning.  The cable provider contacted Rochester Police to have people taken off that land where some tents have been set up near Charter’s facilities at 71 Mount Hope Avenue.

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The final day the tree stood in Copper Beech Park, it finally felt like spring. It was the kind of day that gets people out on the sidewalk to feel the sunlight on their skin again, people like Olivia Colburn.

"It’s been here for, as long as I’ve been here. Whenever my friends and I would come here we'd always get food here and eat under the tree”.

It was the kind of tree that makes you feel small, with sturdy branches asking to be climbed, and it could almost make you forget that your body has grown since the last time you scaled a tree.

Center for Governmental Research

Reconnect Rochester says a new report on the intersection between transportation and poverty in Greater Rochester is a call to action for the community and its leaders.

The 52-page report, prepared by the Center for Governmental Research, says a shifting location of jobs from the city to the suburbs has made it increasingly difficult for low-income residents to access employment. 

Mayor Lovely Warren, in partnership with the National League of Cities (NLC), hosted a conference Tuesday exploring many of the issues facing early childhood workers.

In her opening speech, Warren said pay is the biggest obstacle the industry is facing.

"We are asking many of our childcare providers and childcare workers to take care of other people’s children when they have a hard time taking care of their own."

Tonja Rucker, Program Director for Early Childhood Success with NLC, and says the organization has been working with Rochester for about 10 years.

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Senator Chuck Schumer visited a farm in Avon to call on US trade officials to fix trade between Canada and the US regarding dairy products during upcoming NAFTA negotiations.

Locally, these policies have effected places like Oatka Milk.

"In 2012, OATKA invested about $16 million to make something called Ultra Filtered milk and Ultra Filtered milk is used in cheese making and other things, and Canada very much needed it. And the whole purpose in expanding was to send the Ultra Filtered milk to Canada. “

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Gas prices spiked in the Rochester region over the past week as the demand for gasoline hit record highs for April.

AAA of Western and Central New York pegs a gallon of gas in the Rochester region at $2.85 a gallon, a nine cent spike from last week. The large demand is one reason for the spike.

“Prices are likely to increase a bit more as demand increases,” said Lindsey Kensey, communications specialist with AAA. “This demand from last week is the highest on record for the month of April, and exceeds summer demand from years past.”

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All this week, state and local law enforcement will increase patrols near high schools as part of a statewide campaign to limit the impacts of impaired and distracted driving as prom and graduation season approach.

Representatives of the governor's traffic safety committee kicked off the initiative at Brighton High School.

Student Hannah Newland said she was involved in a car crash while driving earlier this year.

A recent poll illustrates the stigma surrounding drug addiction.

More than three-quarters of New Yorkers who responded to a Siena College survey about the opioid crisis say the moral failings of those who are addicted is a contributing factor in the epidemic.

At the same time, people hold the opposing view that addiction is a disease.

More than 40 Rochester area nonprofit and social justice organizations are participating in an activism fair next month.

They're looking to recruit new activists who are interested in social justice and political change, but aren't sure how to make a difference.

The second annual event is organized by Athesia Benjamin, an art teacher at Monroe Community College.

She said it was inspired last year by fears and frustrations about policies and actions of the Trump administration.