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Rochester's Mayor and Police Chief met with members of the United Christian Leadership Ministry Friday to talk about allegations of police brutality against a 17 year old city youth.

The president of the ministry, Reverend Lewis Stewart, and the family of Ricky Bryant, claim the youth was brutalized by officers earlier this month when they were responding to a report of someone with a gun in the Remington Street area. Bryant was never charged, and Stewart says the teen suffered serious injuries.


CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP)€” An FBI agent, citing a statement from a prison inmate, says a Chili teenwho disappeared from Myrtle Beach seven years ago was abducted, gang-raped, shot to death and thrown into an alligator-infested swamp.

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State lawmakers in Upstate New York should form an Upstate Caucus.  That idea was floated this week by Bob Duffy, the former Lieutenant Governor who is now President of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

Duffy says upstate lawmakers should join in a bi-partisan way, to help advance the interests of this region.  As an example, he points to the recent bills approved raising the minimum wage, which did address the different economic needs of upstate and downstate.

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A regional jet traveling from Newark to Toronto had to make an emergency landing in Rochester on Thursday.

Officials say the pilot of a United Express Jet flight reported smoke in the cockpit. The plane landed without any major problems, and there were no injuries.

Reportedly the passengers on that flight had already been on two other planes.

Residents in the Village of Holley in Orleans County were being told this morning to stay in their homes and not turn appliances either on or off because of a natural gas leak.

Officials say a two inch gas main was ruptured by construction workers.

Residents were told to shelter in place with windows closed.  NYSEG worked to repair the leak, and the order was lifted by mid-morning.

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A Rochester man was killed Monday when he was trying to cross Lake Avenue.  Police say the pedestrian had stepped out in front of an approaching motorcycle in the 300 block of Lake Avenue when he was struck. 

This is just the latest in a series of deadly accidents on one of the most heavily traveled roads in the city.

Wednesday afternoon, elected leaders, Rochester police, neighbors and business owners walked a portion of Lake Avenue near Monday's accident and talked about pedestrian safety.

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A Rochester teen and his family are joining forces with a local civil rights group claiming the teen was brutalized by police earlier this month.

17 year old Ricky Bryant and his mother, along with members of the United Christian Leadership Ministry are talking about an incident that happened the night of August 7th, after the Puerto Rican festival.

They say that Bryant was on his bike on Remington Street, when police stopped him, and punched him, injuring his eye. They also say that police fired pepper balls at Bryant and used a Taser.

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The city of Rochester is taking steps to help local entrepreneurs get their businesses started and along with that, give an economic boost to the community.

The program utilizes a worldwide crowd funding effort called  Kiva, and it  relies on people all over the world, who lend money to startup businesses through the Internet.


Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio has been found guilty on drunk driving charges following a February incident on I-490.

Canandaigua City Court Judge  Stephen Aronson presided over the bench trial because of  Astacio's position as a  city judge.

The DWI charge came after state troopers say they found Astacio sitting in her car early on the morning of February 13 along the side of Route 490 at Mt. Read Boulevard.

Troopers on the scene say the car was damaged. Astacio pleaded not guilty to the DWI charge.

Drought Produces Smaller, Sweeter New York Apples

Aug 22, 2016
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The final verdict won't be in until after the harvest, but New York apple growers are expecting a below-average crop yield this fall.

The months-long drought won't result in the bumper crop of apples we saw last year.  And the fruit will look and taste different, too.

"What you will see in the marketplace is possible a little bit of a smaller-sized apple,” said Jim Allen, president of the New York Apple Association. “The good news is it'll be a sweet apple. Drier weather always makes sweet products."