The latest numbers for job growth are out from the New York State Labor Department, and they show the Rochester with a decline of 3,200  private sector jobs in October compared to a year ago.

That was the largest loss of any metro area in the state, in fact, most metropolitan areas showed gains for the month.  Elmira was the only other metro to see a drop in jobs in October.

The University of Rochester is partnering with Harris Corp. to create the Rochester Data Science Consortium that will be housed on the UR campus.

The joint effort will help companies and governments analyze large amounts of data — an industry known as “big data” — in order to spot trends that can help the companies, consumers and citizens.

In a Wall Street Journal interview last week, President Trump made comments about Upstate New York that have led to a debate about the state of the job market and the economy in our region. He said that Upstate New York “just isn’t working,” and its residents should move elsewhere to find jobs. He also suggested people just leave their homes behind, even if they can’t sell them. His comments were related to news surrounding the electronics manufacturer Foxconn, which was considering building a new plant in Wisconsin instead of Utica (days later, Foxconn did select Wisconsin as its preferred site).

Is the state of the economy in Upstate New York as bleak as the President suggests? Have you considered moving out of the area to find work? Our guests help us understand the jobs outlook and economic development in our region:

  • Matt Hurlbutt, interim president and CEO of Greater Rochester Enterprise
  • Matt Horn, Geneva City Manager
  • Mike Manikowski, chief economic developer for Ontario County

The New York State budget was finally passed, we find out what impact it might have on local businesses. The monthly survey in small business jobs, there is a small uptick in tourism and service, but why are some of these companies still hesitant to hire full-timers?

The WXXI Business report looks at business and economic issues facing the Rochester area including Western New York and the Finger Lakes.


The latest numbers from the New York State Labor Department show a decline in private sector jobs and a rise in unemployment for the Rochester area.

The February unemployment rate was 5.4 percent, up from 5.1 a year ago, and there was a decline of 1,200 private sector jobs compared to a year ago. 

But State Labor Analyst Mark Barbano says it’s hard to compare the numbers because last year was a particularly strong year for job growth in the Rochester metropolitan area.

The latest monthly survey on small business employment around the U.S. from Paychex and IHS  shows consistent growth, although the increase in jobs was nearly flat compared to the month before. The Paychex | IHS Small Business Jobs Index was up slightly in August compared to July and up a bit compared to July of 0f last year.

Paychex CEO Marty Mucci says the sector of the economy that continues to see the strongest growth in small business jobs is the one that includes various kinds of services such as personal care or pet care.

There have been improvements in the economy of upstate New York over the last several years, but that progress has been uneven.


The New York State Labor Department says the recent trend of strong job growth continued in the latest monthly numbers on employment. The Rochester area saw a gain of 8,400 in October, compared to October of last year.

State Labor Analyst Tammy Marino says two of the usual areas for growth again saw some gains.

“We were looking at gains in education and healthcare, that continues to account for a large share of recent hiring; however a number of other key sectors including restaurants and bars and construction as well all contributed to that gain over the year.”

Paychex To Enhance Its Monthly Jobs Report

Sep 28, 2015

Rochester based Paychex says it plans to enhance its Small Business Jobs Index beginning with its report expected Tuesday.

The index uses data collected from the company's 350-thousand small business clients across the country.

Frank Fiorille, Senior Director of Risk Management at Paychex, told WXXI the index will offer more data and analysis on hiring trends nationally, regionally, statewide or by industry


The Rochester area saw another month of job growth in August.

New numbers from the state labor department show that this region added more than 10,000 private sector jobs compared to August of a year ago.

State labor analyst Tammy Marino says it was a relatively broad-based increase in local employment.

"Now some of that expansion can be attributed to seasonal hiring, however, we also had some very strong hiring in a number of other key sectors including healthcare, education and professional and technical as well."