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A local organization that provides a home for displaced women and families has received a national award.

Sojourner House at Pathstone has received a $10,000 award through the Walmart Foundation's "12 Days of Giving" campaign.

Kathryn Bryan is Executive Director at Sojourner. She says they received the award for being one of 12 non-profits nationwide that are "doing it all" to support those in need.

Bryan says the award will go toward services they provide in the community, and it comes at a time when Sojourner House faces significant funding cuts from the state.

A local doctor says the holiday season can be that much harder for patients suffering from a terminal illness.

Dr. Daniel Mendelson, director of the Palliative Program at Highland Hospital, says that’s because the holidays are usually filled with creating positive memories.

And for those receiving care and treatment for chronic conditions or hospice patients, the holiday memories may not be fond ones.

Linda Becker is the founder and CEO of Healthcare Benefits Network, a consulting services group with the primary goal of lowering health care costs for all New Yorkers.

New Healthy Spin on an Old Children's Classic

Dec 5, 2011
Rochester Children's Theatre

The Rochester Children's Theatre is giving a classic children's tale a new "tune".

Sweet House is a musical version of Hansel and Gretel.

The district-wide tour begins December 5th and will be performed before an estimated 20,000 students in all 40 elementary schools in the city. The tour wraps up in February.The Theatre group says this original musical is not only entertaining but educational. 

It was inspired by Michelle Obama's "Let's Move campaign" -- an initiative to inspire healthy eating and exercise in the nation's youth.

A local advocacy group for young people is applauding some aspects of the proposed Monroe County Budget, but is also very concerned about some possible cuts.

Dr. Jeff Kaczorowski is Executive Director for the Children's Agenda. His group has released a review of the nearly 1-billion dollar plan, and he says they've found that funding is steady for some critical programs, but others, like programs for runaway and homeless youth, face cuts in state assistance.

AIDS Ribbon
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Every 9 minutes another person in the United States is infected with HIV. There are new developments in global vaccine research that some doctors say is creating hope that an effective HIV vaccine may soon be within reach.

A symposium held in Rochester suggests early detection in women may be the key to developing strategies that could possibly prevent  HIV transmissions.

Consumer Advocate Says Toy Safety Still an Issue

Nov 28, 2011

Your children could be at risk from some of the products you buy for them, according to local consumer watchdog Judy Braiman.

Rochester-based consumer advocate Braiman says products intended for children are still reaching the market with hazardous materials like heavy metals in toys and jewelry, or carcinogens in products ranging from shampoos to apparel. 

A local center which conducts clinical trials on new medications is conducting a study of the vaccine Gardasil, given in combination with a new meningitis vaccine.

Michael Brennan is a nurse practitioner and clinical investigator at Rochester Clinical Research. He says they'll be conducting the study on 50 young people over the next year.

The federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices just recently recommended the Gardasil shot for young men between the age of 11 and 21.

Shortage of ADHD Drugs Felt in Rochester

Nov 21, 2011


The Food and Drug Administration says there are drug shortages across the country and a shortage of one Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder drug has a local pharmacist and physician concerned.                                   

Adderall is a medication used to help people with attention deficit disorders focus.

But the immediate release form of the drug is currently backlogged - until at least mid-December. Maureen Geiser is a pharmacist at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

"There are some issues with the availability of the raw ingredients."

Rochester, NY – WXXI's Bob Smith interviewed author Laura Browder about research into the thousands of women who are going into combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Click on the audio player above to listen to a portion of the interview from 1370 Connection.