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Nearly ten percent of the Finger Lakes wine industry is now turning to solar power, and that number could grow substantially in the next year. Many winery owners oppose fracking and gas storage in the region; now they're interested in showing that they can power their operations with new technologies.

Our panel explains how it's happening, what it costs, and what's next for solar. Our guests:

Pope Francis To Use Altar Wine Produced Here

Sep 23, 2015

The visit of Pope Francis to New York City brings attention once again to Finger Lakes wine, with help from a small, old, Hemlock Lake winery.

"The leading Kosher brand in America and the leading Catholic brand in America - both in the Finger Lakes - I think that's really a unique story unto itself."

Winemaker Will Ouweleen is referring to a Constellation product and his O-Neh-Da Authentic Sacramental Wine, which will be on the altar when the Pope says mass.

We preview the upcoming Wine Symposium of the Finger Lakes, which is less than three weeks away. We'll talk about what makes the Finger Lakes region thrive for certain grape varieties, and we'll explore the various themes on the menu for this year's event. Our guests:

  • Bob Madill, chair of the Finger Lakes Wine Alliance and co-chair of the symposium
  • Leslie Kroeger, symposium organizer
  • Steve DeFrancesco, winemaker for Glenora Wine Cellars

Is support for LPG storage near Seneca Lake growing? Crestwood Energy says yes. The Elmira Star-Gazette first reported on some new names supporting gas storage last week; on Monday, their sister newspaper, the Democrat & Chronicle, ran the same story. We dig into the claims, starting with this: Why is a trucking company portraying itself as a Finger Lakes vintner? Why is the company's secretary quoted as a "grape inspector," which is not a title that even exists in the wine industry? Why did the company list Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as a supporter, only to have the Senator's office insist they remove that claim? We have a variety of guests to discuss the topic.

The Finger Lakes region is trying to increase tourism in the dead of winter. There are a number of new events coming up, and we'll preview them. And I'll reveal my two favorite streets in the region, and encourage listeners to share their favorite quiet spots, the hidden gems, the small streets that can absorb an afternoon. In studio:

A conversation on the year for the Finger Lakes wine industry. How significant is the fracking decision? Is the region nearing a saturation point for number of operations? How has the region attracted top talent from Europe?  We discuss these topics and more with our guests:

More than 100 people have been arrested since October at the sight of a proposed expansion of liquid propane gas storage (LPG) near Seneca Lake. Many of the recent arrests are prominent business owners. The owners of a new high-wattage wine project -- one from California, one from Germany -- now say that if they had known this LPG project was going forward, they probably would have skipped coming to the Finger Lakes. So why has it gotten so heated? What's the latest development?

We've invited Crestwood Energy to join us. So far, no response, but they've given statements to other media outlets. We've also reached out to state lawmakers.

Our guest for this topic are:

We start this hour by talking to Cal State finance professor Jim Estes about how the big tobacco settlement money has become a potential disaster for states like NY. Estes wrote a piece in the New York Times explaining how the states have mismanaged the money in two ways:

1)      Less than 2% is being spent on smoking prevention, and

2)      Many states have taken advance payments, opening a big potential hole decades from now.

Then we’ll preview Finger Lakes Restaurant Week, which is aimed at convincing the Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse markets to try new places. Joining us will be Christina Roberts of Finger Lakes Wine Country and Orlando Rodriguez, Executive Chef of Veraisons Restaurant.

We start off this edition of Education Friday by learning just how good this September was for the Finger Lakes. Some are calling it the “best ever” as it helped to get harvest cranking at vineyards across the region. Before September, the harvest was looking bleak. So how good was this September? We find out with Hans Walter-Peterson of the Cornell Cooperative Extension Finger Lakes Grape Program.

Then, we learn about new options to treat sleep apnea. Chances are someone you know, maybe even yourself, suffers from sleep apnea. In recognition of Sleep Apnea Awareness Week, we talk with Dr. Jason Lyons of the Rochester Regional Health System.  

Connections: The Beauty and Bounty of the Finger Lakes

Jul 28, 2014

Our guests this hour key us in on the beauty and  bounty of the Finger Lakes region's food,  beverage  and landscape/scenery offerings from the perspective of the photographer, foodie, and beverage connoisseur.

Our guests are: 

Valerie Knoblauch, president of the Finger Lakes Visitors Connection

Trish Aser, owner of the Brown Hound Bistro

Nicole Heroux, co- owner and director of business development for Simply Crêpes

Dave Schlosser, owner of Naked Dove Brewing Company