The Rochester Regional Group is bringing the first African-American president of the Sierra Club to Rochester for its annual Environmental Forum. Aaron Mair is committed to not just environmental activism, but social justice as it relates to our environment.

We discuss his mission and his work. Our guests:

Two North Country bald eagles die of lead poisoning

Apr 19, 2017
Trish Marki, used with permission

Two bald eagles died in the North Country this spring after being poisoned with lead. That’s according to a wildlife rehabilitation group in the Lake George area.

This comes at a time when there’s a fierce debate over sportsmen’s use of lead ammunition and lead fishing tackle.

What might we expect regarding environmental and climate issues under the Trump administration? We discuss the President-elect's appointments for Secretary of State and head of the EPA, their views on climate science, and more. Our guests:

  • Lawrence Torcello, associate professor in the Department of Philosophy at RIT
  • Karen Berger, lecturer in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Rochester

The Finger Lakes Land Trust has priorities for the Finger Lakes region. We discuss the organization's regional conservation agenda.  Our guests:

  • Andrew Zepp, executive director of the Finger Lakes Land Trust
  • Lisa Cleckner, director of the Finger Lakes Institute
  • Marti Macinski, board member for the Finger Lakes Land Trust, and owner of Standing Stone Vineyards

RIT has received a federal grant to research sustainable solutions for minimizing and managing the growing and complex challenges of food waste.

The $1 million National Science Foundation grant was awarded to Callie Babbitt, an associate professor at the Golisano Institute for Sustainability.

Opponents Urge Cuomo to Say No to Pipeline Expansion

Sep 21, 2016
Karen DeWitt

Opponents of a pipeline expansion that would flow through vast portions of New York want the Cuomo administration to deny a key permit, an act that could halt the upgrade. 

The New Market Dominion pipeline is one of a dizzying array of fuel pipelines that flow through New York, in many cases taking natural gas from hydrofracking sites in other states to markets in New York and other places.

A Penfield resident decided she had seen enough cookie-cutter subdivisions springing up, and she stepped in to make sure 18 acres of green space wouldn't become another. Mindy MacLaren bought the land across from Rothfuss Park, and soon it will be turned over to the Genesee Land Trust. What will they do with it? Should we be more concerned about preserving natural spaces?

This nature preserve will be named for Irene Gossin, the first woman elected to an executive political office in Monroe County history, and one of the first prominent local environmentalists. Gossin is 97, and we talk to her about the honor, and her history of environmental advocacy. Our guests:

  • Mindy MacLaren, Penfield resident
  • Gay Mills, executive director of The Genesee Land Trust
  • Kate McArdle, current leader of the Penfield Democratic Committee

Should we ban plastic bags?

Attorney Jennie Romer has been working on this issue across the country, taking her efforts to New York City most recently. NYC just passed a five-cent fee on plastic bags. In Rochester, the Youth Climate Leaders have decided to focus on enacting local bans.

We explore the impact of bans and fees on plastic bags. Our guests:

  • Jennie Romer, attorney and sustainability consultant
  • Terry Smith, head of the Harley School's Lower School
  • Tierra Cherelin, sixth grader at Genesee Community Charter School and member of the Rochester Youth Climate Leaders steering committee.
  • Benny Smith, student in the Brighton School District and member of the Rochester Youth Climate Leaders steering committee
  • Jason Wadsworth, sustainability manager for Wegmans

Now in its second year, the Fast Forward Film Festival encourages local filmmakers to utilize the power of visual storytelling to raise awareness and knowledge of environmental issues. The “for local, by local” festival is now accepting submissions for shorts that inspire change and connect our community.

We talk with the festival’s founder, and two of last year’s award-winning filmmakers. Our guests:

  • Andy Stern, founder of the Fast Forward Film Festival, and co-founder and executive director of The Lost Bird Project
  • Tom Gasek, 2015 award-winning filmmaker and professor of animation at RIT
  • Kristin Smith, 2015 award-winning filmmaker and Mercy high school student

Buffalo Zoo

BUFFALO (AP) A new sculpture at the Buffalo Zoo's recently opened Arctic Edge exhibit makes an environmental, as well as artistic, statement.