2017 Election

It’s been 200 years since the birth of the Erie Canal. While it was a game-changer in our nation’s history, on this edition of Need to Know we discuss whether it still carries economic weight.

Also on the show, what you may not see on the campaign trail in the race for Rochester mayor. This week we’re tagging along with Alex White to learn about the person behind the politician.

And, our Top of the Class series continues. We’ll talk with a recent high school grad with big goals to help create unity in our society through architecture and sports. 

We continue or series of conversations with candidates for Rochester mayor. Green Party candidate Alex White joins us for a second time. He says his vision will help alleviate the city’s long-standing issues with poverty, public safety, vacant properties, and poor school performance.

We talk to him about his platform and ask our questions and yours.

Patrick O'Flynn is running for another term as Monroe County Sheriff. He's being challenged by Todd Baxter, the former Greece Police Chief and former executive director for the Veterans Outreach Center.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Baxter several weeks ago; this is our chance to hear directly from the sheriff, who believes his record will enable him to win another shift in the office.

For Barack Obama it’s playing basketball and pool. For Congresswoman Frederica Wilson it’s collecting hats. For George W. Bush it’s painting. These are some of the hobbies of political leaders in our nation that give us just a little insight into the person behind the politician. But what about our local political figures in Rochester? It can be rare to get a behind-the-scenes look of their lives….until now. A special segment on Need to Know this summer will take us inside the lives of candidates in the race for Rochester mayor. The focus: getting to know them through one of their favorite pastimes. First up, Democrat Rachel Barnhart.

We continue our series of conversations with candidates for Rochester mayor. Former Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard has released his full platform since the last time he was in studio, and he lists public safety as his top priority. We discuss his vision for the city, and ask our questions and yours.

We continue our interview series with the candidates for Rochester mayor. Our guest is retired city school teacher Lori Thomas, who believes her experience and ideas will shake up the race.

While school kids in Rochester are gearing up for summer break, the leader of the Rochester City School District is keeping her sleeves rolled up. For Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams much-needed change within the city school system doesn’t happen with words, but actions. So what does she plan to do exactly? 

Also on the show, it’s rare for voters to get a glimpse inside the personal lives of politicians. However, that’s about to change. A special segment gives viewers a unique look at the person behind the politician in this year’s mayoral race in Rochester.

We continue our series of conversations with candidates for Rochester mayor. Former journalist Rachel Barnhart is in studio to kick off round two of these discussions.

Barnhart recently filed an ethics complaint against Mayor Lovely Warren and her former chief of staff for an Uber job fair held at City Hall. We discuss her position, along with several of her priority issues: property taxes, a citywide fiber internet network, and more.

New Rochester City School District Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams says building trust isn’t about words, but actions. We’ll learn how she plans to act to improve relationships, mind-sets, build trust and enforce change in the city school system. 

Also, a new series introduces us to the person behind the politician in this year’s mayoral race in the City of Rochester.

Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

Monroe County Democrats held their convention Thursday night. 

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren got the party's endorsement on the first ballot, but the battle to secure the nomination isn't over yet. Warren is expected to face a September primary from former Monroe County legislator and city police chief James Sheppard and former TV journalist Rachel Barnhart.

The local Democratic Party has seen divisions within the committee in recent years, and Warren said in her remarks that Democrats need to unite to defend values now being challenged in Washington.