WXXI News http://wxxinews.org en Safety of "Spent" Grain at Issue http://wxxinews.org/post/safety-spent-grain-issue <p>What happens to so-called spent grain? It's a natural byproduct of the brewing process. One New York Senator hopes to stop a new federal rule that would control its use.</p><p></p><p></p><p>Makers of specialty beers often sell or donate what's left of the grains used in the brewing process to feed farm animals. One business, C-B Craft Brewers in Honeoye, recently spent money on a new system so it could sell spent grain to nearby dairy farms.</p><p></p><p></p> Sun, 20 Apr 2014 14:32:39 +0000 Brad Smith 21165 at http://wxxinews.org Safety of "Spent" Grain at Issue Big Names Among Prospective Bills' Buyers http://wxxinews.org/post/big-names-among-prospective-bills-buyers <p></p><p>BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is prepared to make a bid to buy the Buffalo Bills. Donald Trump's on board, too.</p><p>Don't discount the family of Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs. And include New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi's name for added spice.</p><p>It's not every day — or every year — an NFL franchise goes on the market as the Bills are, following owner Ralph Wilson's death last month.</p> Sat, 19 Apr 2014 19:21:47 +0000 21164 at http://wxxinews.org Big Names Among Prospective Bills' Buyers Jim Kelly To Stay In Buffalo For Cancer Treatment http://wxxinews.org/post/jim-kelly-stay-buffalo-cancer-treatment <p></p><h3>(Buffalo Bills) The quarterback fighting cancer has returned home to Buffalo for more just than Easter weekend.</h3><p>Jim Kelly arrived home in Buffalo Saturday, and in Buffalo he’ll stay to continue his cancer treatments.</p><p>“Jim is coming back, and he wants to fight cancer here in Buffalo,” said his brother Dan Kelly. “He’ll be continuing all his treatments here in Buffalo.”</p> Sat, 19 Apr 2014 17:25:34 +0000 21163 at http://wxxinews.org Jim Kelly To Stay In Buffalo For Cancer Treatment Let Educators Make Common Core Work http://wxxinews.org/post/let-educators-make-common-core-work <p>Get the politics and rhetoric out of the conversation over the state's Common Core education standards.</p><p></p><p>That's the message from one area Superintendent of Schools. Matt Cole of Livonia says it's clear in the classroom that meaningful learning is occurring. "I worry about some of the media dialog, some of the social media dialog, some of the political rhetoric stealing the chance for kids to get better."</p><p></p> Sat, 19 Apr 2014 16:06:51 +0000 Randy Gorbman & Brad Smith 21162 at http://wxxinews.org Let Educators Make Common Core Work NYS May Get Tougher With Toll Evaders http://wxxinews.org/post/nys-may-get-tougher-toll-evaders <p>ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) &nbsp;Motorists who repeatedly speed through New York state toll booths without paying would see their vehicle registrations suspended under legislation being considered by state lawmakers.&nbsp;</p><p>Under current law, toll evaders are contacted by a collection agency and only face registration suspensions if they commit multiple violations within the same locality _ and then only after an order from a court or tribunal.&nbsp;</p> Sat, 19 Apr 2014 10:39:33 +0000 21161 at http://wxxinews.org NYS May Get Tougher With Toll Evaders Good Friday Stations of the Cross http://wxxinews.org/post/good-friday-stations-cross <p>http://youtu.be/IGHCEMbYt_Q</p><p> Fri, 18 Apr 2014 20:55:54 +0000 Carlet Cleare 21160 at http://wxxinews.org RIT Professor Receives Inaugural Edline Chun Award http://wxxinews.org/post/rit-professor-receives-inaugural-edline-chun-award <p>An RIT&nbsp;Professor in the School of Media Sciences has been chose to be the first-ever recipient of the Edline Chun Award for Outstanding Teaching and Service.</p><p>Stephen Whittaker, a Fairport resident, has taught at that school for more than 20 years. He has worked in the printing and graphic communications industry for more than three decades with Monroe Litho.</p><p>The award was named after the late RIT adjunct professor, Edline Chun, who was murdered in her Rochester home in February of 2013.</p> Fri, 18 Apr 2014 20:03:01 +0000 Randy Gorbman 21159 at http://wxxinews.org RIT Professor Receives Inaugural Edline Chun Award Wegmans Looks For The Federal Government To Help Clear Up Questions About GMO's http://wxxinews.org/post/wegmans-looks-federal-government-help-clear-questions-about-gmos <p>Wegmans<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> wants the federal government to standardize the labeling and certification regarding genetically modified foods, or </span>GMO’s<span style="line-height: 1.5;">.</span></p><p>Wegmans nutrition and product labeling manager Jane Andrews says the supermarket chain used to get maybe 40 or 50 comments&nbsp; a month about GMO's, mainly from consumers who wanted to know if a product they wanted to buy was made with genetically modified organisms.</p> Fri, 18 Apr 2014 19:46:58 +0000 Randy Gorbman 21158 at http://wxxinews.org Wegmans Looks For The Federal Government To Help Clear Up Questions About GMO's Better Business Bureau with Advice on "Heartbleed" Bug http://wxxinews.org/post/better-business-bureau-advice-heartbleed-bug <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>Heartbleed is a bug that can exploit encryption software, exposing personal data such as passwords and credit card numbers.</p><p></p><p>Businesses and consumers should take steps to protect themselves, and the Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York has some advice.</p><p></p><p>Spokesperson Peggy Penders says businesses should check to see if their site is vulnerable, and work with their IT department to install more secure encryption software.</p><p></p><p>And consumers should change their passwords.</p><p></p> Fri, 18 Apr 2014 18:50:52 +0000 Alex Crichton 21157 at http://wxxinews.org Better Business Bureau with Advice on "Heartbleed" Bug Some billing relief for National Grid customers after bitter winter http://wxxinews.org/post/some-billing-relief-national-grid-customers-after-bitter-winter <img class="wysiwyg-asset-image-wrapper wide" data-caption="" data-attribution="Credit NationalGrid.US" typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://mediad.publicbroadcasting.net/p/innovationtrail/files/styles/placed_wide/public/201404/NatGrid.jpg" alt="" /><p>National Grid customers should get some relief from their next energy bill, after prices skyrocketed during a frigid winter because supply costs for electricity ticked down slightly.<p>The company says customers can expect their next electric bills to be 40 percent cheaper than the month before.<p>That’s a reflection of cheaper than anticipated suppl Fri, 18 Apr 2014 18:33:14 +0000 Ryan Delaney, WRVO 21156 at http://wxxinews.org Some billing relief for National Grid customers after bitter winter