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The City of Rochester is in the midst of a transformation and one demographic could be a game-changer in reshaping the regional economy. The story of the urban entrepreneur on this edition of Need to Know.

Speaking of transformation, there’s a belief that city renewal begins in neighborhoods. Turns out a downtown neighborhood in Rochester is the first in the state to serve as a model for social, economic and ecological innovation. That’s later on the show.

And he’s photographed everyone from Walt Disney to Gerald Ford. His images have been seen and revered by millions around the globe. A local legendary Kodak photographer joins us before his special exhibition in Rochester. 

On the next Need to Know, could urban entrepreneurship help reshape the city of Rochester?  We’ll learn about the multi-layered impact of urbanpreneurs on our community and if they can help revive economic growth.

Also on the show, his photographs have been seen by millions around the world. We’ll meet with a legendary Rochester photographer just before a special exhibition.

Need to Know airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on WXXI-TV

There are places in our country where no violent felony cases have gone to trial in five years. There are also places where poor defendants are incarcerated up to seven times more often than non-poor defendants for the same type of drug crimes. These are all findings from a soon-to-be-released online data portal that compares how the criminal justice system is working and performing in counties throughout the U.S. It was created by Rochester-based nonprofit Measures for Justice. Amy Bach the Founder and Executive Director of joins this edition of Need to Know.

Some say “third time’s a charm” and mayoral candidate Alex White hopes there’s some truth to that saying. The Green Party candidate is on his third run for mayor of Rochester. Why? Because he says things in the city are not getting better. From issues of poverty and minimum wage to public safety and tax breaks, White says he has a vision that will bring change to some of the city’s long-standing issues if he’s elected. Alex White joins this edition of Need to Know to talk about what makes him stand out among the pack of contenders in this year’s race. 

He says Rochester needs to stop looking to others to save the city and marshall resources from within. Local businessman and mayoral candidate Alex White joins this edition of Need to Know to explain why he believes his vision will make a stronger Rochester.

Also on the show, a soon-to-be released data portal intends to bring transparency to the criminal justice system. It’s being called a groundbreaking tool for journalists and the public. We’ll learn how it works and what it reveals.

And we’ll take you to “Art-Fam,” a place where a Rochester artist and high school teacher helps students find their truth, own it and share it with the world.

News coverage including the youth voice, gauging the youth perspective, and digging into issues affecting our youth are of importance to WXXI and to Need to Know. Part of that coverage also means finding and reaching out to young people, in this case high school seniors, who are not only working hard to make the grade in school, but also want to make our community and our world a better place. This edition of Need to Know is the launch of our new series “Top of the Class” which will introduce viewers to these amazing young people. Greece Athena High School senior, Chima Dimgba, is the first student to be recognized in the series.

The race for Rochester mayor is a crowded one – but one candidate is hoping to differentiate himself from the pack. Alex white joins us in the studio to discuss why he believes he’s the best fit for Rochester.

Also on the show, a groundbreaking tool is being released to bring transparency to the criminal justice system. The Rochester attorney and journalist behind this work joins us to share the details.

For years Rochester resident Deborah Haber wanted to find a way to tell her parent’s story. Eventually she did, on a theatrical stage. It’s a story of one of the darkest times in world history. It’s a story of the implications of displacement for those facing persecution during the Holocaust. It’s a story of the power of a fighting spirit. And as the co-creator and producer of the musical Moses Man explains, it’s also a story that connects to our nation’s current political climate, from anti-semitic hatred to the refugee crisis. So what was once a personal story is now one that Haber wants to personalize for everyone and she’s doing it through a week-long multi arts event. Deborah Haber joins this edition of Need to Know to share more about Finding Home: Shine the Light (in Rochester March 23 - April 1).

There were rumblings she might make a run for Congress in 2016 by seeking the 25th Congressional District seat long-held by Democrat Louise Slaughter. But for now, Mayor Lovely Warren has her eyes set on another four years as the leader of the City of Rochester. And she’s got some competition. Monroe County Legislator James Sheppard, former television journalist Rachel Barnhart and businessman Alex White are all vying for the job of mayor. Is the work of her current tenure enough to pull off another victory? Mayor Lovely Warren joins this edition of Need to Know to to answer that question and more.

Lovely Warren says she never runs from a fight. On this edition of Need to Know we’ll hear how she plans to seek a re-election victory in a battle she anticipates will be a tough one - the battle for Rochester Mayor.

Also on the show, in the midst of weeks of anti-semitic rhetoric a Rochester woman shines a light and draws a deep connection between the Holocaust and the refugee crisis of today and she’s doing it through art. And our region happens to be home to some pretty brilliant young people. Don’t miss the launch of our new series Top of the Class. You’ll get to meet high school seniors making a lasting imprint.