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Is war simply part of the human condition? In other words, is world peace - true world peace - possible? Iraq War veteran Paul Chappell says yes. He speaks to crowds about peace literacy, and he says the idea that human beings are naturally violent is a myth. Chappell is in Rochester as a guest of the Gandhi Institute, but first, he's on Connections, along with Kit Miller of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence.

Things got weird when President Trump spoke to the Boy Scouts. He veered into stories about friends making millions, buying yachts, and hosting wild parties. That put the organization into the awkward position of having to respond. In this hour, we discuss values: decorum, honor, and what it means to be a scout in 2017. Our guests:

  • Stephen Hoitt, scout executive and CEO of Seneca Waterways Council
  • Charles Brady, former scout and Scout leader
  • Joel Helfrich, local historian and former Eagle Scout


First hour: Trump and the Boy Scouts

Second hour: Is war inevitable to the human condition?

Bernie Sanders is planning another trip to Iowa, and, well, we're not Canada, are we? This isn't Canada. It's the United States, where presidential campaigns last for years, and we're always on to the next race. But this time, Democrats feel that it's not too early to get serious about this. They lost the White House. They lost Congress. They're getting crushed in state races. So the decision starting at the top -- Sanders in 2020? -- is the first domino in a national strategy for winning. Should it be about pragmatism or idealism? Our guests will debate it:

  • Jesse Lenney, Western Region Political Director of the New York Working Families Party
  • Rumella Cameron, a local entrepreneur and a candidate for Greece Town Board
  • Stephanie Townsend, former Vice President of Public Policy for the National Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and a candidate for Town Board in Pittsford
  • Josh Keaton, local Democratic organizer

We're getting wonky. It's time to go to school to understand a term we hear tossed around all the time these days: "neoliberalism." Justice Kennedy is a neoliberal? Hillary Clinton? What exactly does that mean? Before your eyes get glassy, our guests will explain how our lives are impacted when everything -- from health care to education to politics -- is commoditized.

Our guests:

  • Lyle Jeremy Rubin, Ph.D. candidate in history at the University of Rochester, and is writing his dissertation on left-leaning uses of Adam Smith and market economics in the United States
  • David Hursh, professor of teaching and curriculum at the University of Rochester's Warner School of Education


First hour: What exactly is neoliberalism?

Second hour: Bernie Sanders is back in Iowa already

The opera community has a lot going on, and by popular demand, we're staging an intervention. If you've resisted opera's charms, we'll see if we can figure out why, and how to turn you into an opera fan.

Our guests:

Al Gore is back at the center of the climate conversation. Is that a good thing? Some progressives fear that Gore -- perhaps unintentionally -- turned the climate issue into a political debate. Pragmatically, they worry that he'll push more fence-sitters into the denial camp. But Gore's fans say that he has helped give the issue the urgency it requires. Our guests will discuss it:


First hour: Does Al Gore help or hurt the climate conversation?

Second hour: Opera intervention

Our Move to Include conversation expands on the recent headline: Lifetime Assistance is Expanding Independent Housing Opportunities for People with Developmental Disabilities with New Approach that will Improve Quality of Life and Cost Less.

So what exactly is changing?

We'll meet the people involved:

-Cori Piels, moving into the Frances Apartment in August.

-Karalee Piels, Cori’s mother.

-Luther St. Joy, resident of the Frances Apartment.