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This year marks the 100th anniversary of what's called the "greatest pandemic in history. -- the 1918 flu virus, also called the Spanish flu. That flu lead to the deaths of between 50 and 100 million people. Many people may think that an outbreak of that magnitude couldn't happen in today's world, but doctors say we are still vulnerable to pandemics.

Our guests discuss when the next worldwide pandemic will strike, what kind of flu strains we might see, and the latest research on flu viruses. In studio:

  • Luis Martinez-Sobrido, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at URMC
  • Angela Branche, M.D., assistant professor of Infectious Diseases at URMC
  • Nana Bennett, M.D., professor in the Departments of Medicine and Public Health Sciences at URMC
  • Dave Topham, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and the Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology at URMC

We talk to Major General Volodymyr Havrylov, the defense attaché of Ukraine. He is in town to give a lecture at the University of Rochester, but first, we talk to him about the U.S. and NATO's role in Ukraine, what Vladimir Putin wants in Ukraine, and if compromise is politically feasible. Our guests:

  • Major General Volodymyr Havrylov, defense attaché of Ukraine
  • Randy Stone, director of the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies at the University of Rochester

First hour: Major General Volodymyr Havrylov, defense attaché of Ukraine

Second hour: When could we see the next flu pandemic?

Weekend Connections is a collection of some of the most noteworthy moments from the week on Connections with Evan Dawson. This episode includes conversations about:

  • The opioid epidemic and pain management;
  • The crisis in Puerto Rico;
  • How parents of color are shielding their children from negative stereotypes in the media and books.

The College of Collectible Knowledge is back! We’re gearing up from the annual WXXI Appraisal Fair, so we bring you our version of Antiques Roadshow…on the radio.

We’re joined by appraisers in studio who answer questions about your antiques. In studio:

  • Jack Wanderman, owner of Jack Wanderman and Associates
  • Nik Wanderman, Jack’s son and partner in Jack Wanderman and Associates
  • Yvonne Jordan, owner of Shop 15 Antiques and Vintage

Under New York State law, women seeking abortions have 24 weeks to terminate their pregnancies. Otherwise, women are required to carry their pregnancies to term. A bill before the New York State Senate and Assembly called the Reproductive Health Act would allow licensed healthcare practitioners to perform abortions outside of that window if there is an absence of fetal viability or if the abortion is necessary to protect the mother’s life or health.

We hear from people on both sides of the abortion debate. In studio:

First hour: Discussing New York's proposed Reproductive Health Act

Second hour: The College of Collectible Knowledge

National Equal Pay Day just passed, and we’re taking a look at the state of inequality in pay between genders. We also look at new legislation related to sexual harassment in the workplace.

In studio:

  • Beth Cordello, chair of the labor and employment practice group at Pullano & Farrow
  • Julie Damerell, associate professor emeritus at MCC

Do you know someone who has left Facebook out of concerns about privacy? Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress over how his company handled user data and privacy, and the company's role in Russia's influence in the presidential election. 

We talk about what we learned from the testimony, the role of social media platforms when it comes to user data, and who owns and is responsible for content posted to social media sites. Our guests:

  • Scott Malouf, attorney whose practice is focused on the intersection of social media and the law
  • Mike Johansson, senior lecturer of communications at RIT, and social media consultant at Fixitology
  • Emily Hessney Lynch, digital marketing manager at NextCorps, and director of content at I Heart ROC

First hour: Reviewing the Zuckerberg testimony

Second hour: The state of equal pay in 2018