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First hour: Discussing Democrats' views on taxing the wealthy

Second hour: Should there be boundaries in comedy?

Has urbanism become too mean? That's exactly what some local urbanists feel, and they're looking for ways to improve their tactics. Mocking someone for driving a car? Lampooning golfers? Is that effective?

Our guests debate what works and what doesn’t:

  • David Riley, urbanist and former newspaper reporter
  • Marlana Zink, Rochester resident with a background in planning
  • Jason Partyka, member of Reconnect Rochester
  • Phil Kehres, urban planner in Vancouver, Canada

Can speech be violent? That's a common point of debate on college campuses and in social justice circles, where many activists argue that some speech is not just offensive; it's dangerous. Libertarians tend to argue that the answer to speech is more speech, and that speech is not violence.

Our guests discuss how they view speech and its potential limits, including where the government should or should not step in. In studio:

Beth Adams

First hour: Can speech be violent? 

Second hour: Has urbanism become too mean?

The Hotel Cadillac has closed, but activists supporting former residents continue to protest how they say management company DHD Ventures handled the closure. Local shelters are working to find housing for the former residents, while saying the future of the Cadillac is a symbol of gentrification in Rochester.  What's next for the property is unclear. We discuss it. 

In studio:

President Trump has picked a fight with Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau. And sure, it was easy to rib the president when he mistakenly said that Canada burned down the White House in the War of 1812. But surveys show that most Americans know very, very little about one of our strongest allies.

So what do Canadians think we get wrong about Canada? What should we know? Are they concerned about the shaky state of the relationship? Our guests are Canadians:


First hour: What do Americans get wrong about Canada?

Second hour: What's next for the former residents of the Hotel Cadillac?

Author Peter Lovenheim joins us in studio to discuss his new book, “The Attachment Effect.” It's a look at how early childhood relationships impact our adult relationships.

We discuss the different types of attachments (secure, anxious, and avoidant), how they form and can change, and how understanding your own attachment style can better your relationships.

What do you know about the New York Health Act? We talk about the bill that could bring single-payer healthcare to New York State.

Our guests discuss both sides of the issue:

  • Dr. Rae-Ellen Kavey, M.D., retired pediatric cardiologist
  • Kristi Reisch, parent of a child with a medical condition
  • Bill Hammond, director of health policy at the Empire Center
  • Lev Ginsburg, director of government affairs for the Business Council of New York State, and father of two

First hour: Will we see single-payer healthcare in New York State?

Second hour: Author Peter Lovenheim and his book, "The Attachment Effect"