Xerox Expected To Have Decision On Toner Plant Soon

Jul 16, 2013

Credit lechase.com

Xerox is moving along with the process of deciding whether it will expand its toner plant in Webster.

There are still some more steps to be taken, but members of COMIDA, the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency, seem inclined to grant the $441,000 in property and sales tax incentives that Xerox is looking for. The company is considering a $35 million expansion of its toner plant, which would create 25 jobs.

Jack Farnan is real estate manager for Xerox. He says the company has not made a decision yet on where its toner plant expansion will happen, but he says the incentives offered through Monroe County are a factor.

"They're one of several factors that the corporation has to take into consideration, and trying to do the most cost effect as well as the best location  is very important. " Farnan tells WXXI News the company expects to have a decision on where to locate the toner plant expansion by the end of the month.  Xerox is also looking at sites in Canada and the Netherlands.

The Webster Town Supervisor, Ron Nesbitt, has objected to the incentives, saying that he is upset they are looking for that help at the same time the company is suing to try and reduce its property tax assessments. Xerox officials say those are two different issues. More public hearings are scheduled next week in Webster, and COMIDA is expected to vote on the incentives after that.