Wonder Where Webster Water Went?

Dec 10, 2013

Monday was a special day for Webster Mayor John Cahill and two trustees. Village residents elected the three on a promise to switch the village water supply to the Monroe County Water Authority. Monday, it happened.

"It was difficult holding back the emotions. Let's just put it that way,” said Mayor Cahill.

Cahill, the two trustees and others instrumental in the switch joined in the valve-turning ceremony this morning at the village water fields.

"It was very very nice to have everyone there,” said Cahill. “Trustees, spouses, and family were there. It was a very, very nice celebration.”

When will residents notice the switch from “hard” Webster village water to the county supply?

Cahill replied, "It'll take 5-7 days to flush the water out of the tanks. You'll notice it in the taste of the water, the clarity, but you'll actually notice it when you're showering, also."

The Mayor says residents will see less residue from the water when they wash their cars, for example.

"You won't see the minerals developing as much on your fixtures, your toilets and that sort of thing, which has been a problem for village residents for decades."

Cahill tells WXXI that all three village water department workers had the option to apply for jobs with the county water authority. One was hired. A second decided to work part-time for the village D-P-W, and the third has been offered the opportunity to work in the village office.

Cahill says next, the village has to decide what to do with the well-field property.

Update Tuesday, December 10:  Former Webster mayor Peter Elder had sued to stop the switch, but it was dismissed by a judge. He says he is appealing, but the current mayor says he is not aware of action yet. Another lawsuit was announced late Monday by village resident Eric Reynolds, who questions the environmental review process.