Without power for days, Irondequoit residents find shelter at high school, library

Mar 10, 2017

A fallen tree tears through part of a home on Rock Beach Road in Irondequoit
Credit Laura Garrison

Officials in Irondequoit are still deciding where they will offer shelter tonight to residents who still don't have power.

About a dozen people stayed at Irondequoit High School Thursday night, one of four temporary shelters that were opened in Monroe County following Wednesday’s wind storm.

Irondequoit Supervisor Dave Seeley says about a third of the town's residents still had no heat or light as of this morning, and that's taking a toll on them.

"You really just don't know what's upcoming in the next days. I think there's an anxiety that you have no control over the situation, and there is unease with that. Any time you can't control your situation, it naturally puts people on edge.

Seeley is expecting more people to require shelter tonight and over the weekend as temperatures drop into the single digits. He said the Irondequoit Public Library, which has power, saw more visitors Thursday than any day since it opened a year and a half ago.

Most roads in the town are passable, Seeley said. Aside from the loss of electricity, homeowners are most concerned about repairing damage to their property caused by the hurricane-force winds.