Who Doesn't Want Spring? Skiers are Hoping for Another Month of Winter

Mar 14, 2014

Credit www.bristolmt.com

Many are saying they've had enough winter and are more than ready for spring weather.

But area ski resorts are hoping their season lasts well into April.

Dan Fuller is president and general manager at Bristol Mountain.  He says conditions look good for another month or so of skiing. "Last year, we skied until April 15 and I think we've been here as late as April 22. With the amount of snow we currently have on the mountain, I bet we'll be pretty close to that."

Fuller says Bristol has seen about five-percent more skiers compared to last season.  He says business has been good for ski resorts all across the Northeast and the consistent temperatures under freezing have meant ideal snow conditions.

Fuller says skiers at Bristol eventually warmed up to the idea of harsher temperatures. "The snow has really helped things out. The cold weather initially kept people away a little bit.  But it seemed like with each cold spell people became accustomed to it and actually came out and skied."