Wegmans Releases Details About Proposed Retirement Plan Change For Unionized Workers

Sep 20, 2013

Wegmans is releasing details about a proposal it is making to union employees at the supermarket chain.

Wegmans released a statement Friday as the Teamsters union began what it calls "practice picketing " at the corporate offices on Brooks Avenue in Rochester and on Chili Avenue in Gates. The Teamsters represent drivers and distribution workers.

Wegmans is proposing that it replace the union's retirement fund with the company's own retirement plan. The supermarket chain says the Teamsters fund has been found to be in critical status under federal law because it doesn't have enough assets.

Wegmans has offered to pay the Teamsters retirement fund $136 million which it says would help preserve union benefits.

A union official told WXXI News he doesn't want to comment on the specifics of the contract while they are still in negotiations, but he did tell us the Teamsters have filed some unfair labor practice charges against the company. He says the two sides have met nearly 60 times since April regarding a new contract.

Wegmans  says the company is hopeful an agreement will be reached. The company says none of its stores or their operations are impacted by this dispute. Wegmans says it has successfully negotiated fair agreements with the Teamsters for more than 50 years, and it is hopeful an agreement will be reached.