Warren, Morelle offer thoughts on Parcel 5 proposal, state funding

Aug 8, 2017

Credit LaBella Associates/City of Rochester

Two key area leaders had more to say on Tuesday about the Rochester Broadway Theatre League proposal for a performing arts center on Parcel 5 in downtown Rochester.

Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle said in all good conscience he couldn't ask state taxpayers to come up with the money for the center. Mayor Lovely Warren is asking the state to commit $20 million to the project.

"I think this project has been in trouble since it's been conceived because I think it is ill conceived, and I do think that you’re going to continue to see changes. And the reason you’re going to continue to see changes is when people propose something that's not feasible, they're going to keep trying to amend it until they get the sweet spot."

Morelle said wonders why only the state is being asked to provide the money, when the city of Rochester and the RBTL are not contributing anything. Warren said it's not out of the norm for some investment capital to be included.

"All of the projects actually require that the city do something or the state invest some type of initial investment so that was never off the table."

Both Morelle and Mayor Warren were both at an event Tuesday morning. Warren said she discussed the proposal briefly with Morelle, and plans on giving him more information. She insisted the performing arts center would be good for the city and create more jobs.

"It’s not just inside the facility but also when we talk about the hotels the restaurants and other things. We're trying to make Rochester, downtown alive after 5 o clock."

A public forum will be held at City Council chambers this Thursday at 5:30pm to hear input on the future of Parcel 5.