Urban League Of Rochester To Receive $1Million Federal Grant

Jun 25, 2015

The Urban League of Rochester is receiving a $1 million dollar grant to help youths involved in the criminal justice system find meaningful employment and contribute to their communities.

That according to Congresswoman Louise Slaughter who says the federal grant is one of only 15 awarded nationwide as part of the U.S. Labor Department's "Face Forward" program.

The programs will also help address the stigma associated with having a juvenile record by providing opportunities to handle delinquency complaints outside of the juvenile justice system.

Urban League of Rochester President and CEO Bill Clark says the organization has a long history of providing services to individuals that have had contact with the criminal justice system.

"We're going to be able to give them an opportunity to have a second chance at life."

The Urban League is using its grant to expand a current, three-year program that is funded through the National Urban League.