Two New Inductees into the Toy Hall of Fame

Nov 7, 2013

Chess and the Rubber Duck are this year's inductees into the National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong.

Officials at the museum unveiled the honorees today, chosen from among 12 finalists.

Vice President for Collections, Christopher Bensch,  says this year's honorees bracket the world of play, from the cerebral and strategic world of chess, to the just plain fun of the rubber duck.

Bensch says the hall recognizes outstanding toys that have engaged multiple generations.

The two finalists join 51 others in the Hall.

Syndicated cartoonist Leigh Rubin is honoring this year's winners with two new cartoons.

They feature two dinosaurs playing chess, saying they should call it a draw because of their physical and mental limitations.

And a bird watcher with binoculars lying in a bath sighting a rubber duck at the end of the tub.

The Strong serves as a collection site for the Pirate Toy Fund, and guests to the museum are encouraged to bring a new unwrapped toy for the fund.