Tuesday is deadline to challenge property assessments

May 22, 2017

Credit freeimages.com/Keith Syvinski

Tomorrow is the deadline in most communities to challenge your property assessment.

Tuesday, May 23 is known as "Grievance Day" in New York, the last day home and business owners can file a grievance with their local assessor if they think their property has been assessed at an unfair value.

"If you wait until your tax bill arrives, it'll be too late to challenge the value assigned to your property or to ensure that you're getting the exemptions you deserve," said James Gazzale, spokesman for the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

He says if you decide to challenge your tax assessment, you must provide a market value estimate for your property.

"And you can support that estimate with documentation of comparable homes or properties in your community. A recent appraisal can be helpful, but isn't necessary."

You can find information about how to navigate the grievance process on the taxation and finance department’s website.