Time Warner Raising Some Internet Rates

Jul 25, 2013

Time Warner is raising rates for internet service. But that won't affect all customers.

The company will be raising rates for Internet service by an average of three dollars a month, beginning on August 9th. Spokesperson Joli Plucknette-Farmen says the main reason for the hike is because there has been so much more usage of bandwidth, especially due to web streaming and gaming. She says the company needs the extra revenue to ensure the reliability of their network.

Plucknette-Farmen also says that a lot of customers won't even see this increase next month.

"The vast majority of our internet customers will not see an increase in their internet pricing because they're in a promotional package, and that's about 60 percent of our internet customers.”

Time Warner is also offering a discount on internet pricing for customers who are not heavy users of bandwidth.