Thousands Of Works Submitted For Local Art Show

Jun 6, 2014

Credit Rochester Contemporary Art Center

There's a big fundraiser Saturday evening for what's called a "Small Art Exhibition" in Rochester.  It's the annual show to benefit the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. It's called the "6 by 6"  show, and that's because each artwork is six square inches.

The name of the artist is on the back of the artwork, and you don't know who created it until after you purchase it. All artworks are available for sale for 20 dollars each.

The executive director of the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Bleu Cease says all types of people submit art works for this show.

"This exhibition has included artists of all kinds, hobbyists, professionals, children, design students and incredibly well known artists from all around the globe such as Philip Glass and of course our own Wendell Castle and Nancy Jurs and Albert and Francis Paley."

There are 6700 artworks made by more than 2500 artists and they are from over 60 countries. There is a party and artwork sale running from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the gallery at 137 East Avemie in Rochester.

You can get more details here.