Teachers' Unions Shipping 1000 Apples to Cuomo

Mar 12, 2015

Cuomo at Rochester Rotary on Tuesday
Credit Governor Cuomo's Twitter

Local union leaders gathered at Red Jacket Orchards in Geneva today to prepare 1-thousand apples to be sent to Governor Cuomo.

Joy Martin is a literacy coach in Geneva City Schools, and president of the Geneva Teachers' Association.

She says they're shipping the apples to the governor to draw attention to the Finger Lakes region, where schools aren't getting the funding they need. 

Martin says schools in the region are succeeding, despite a 70-million dollar reduction in funding since 2009.

She says local union leaders want the funding back that was promised, and more local control over education decisions.

Martin says the governor's tax cap, unfunded mandates, and proposed new teacher evaluations are ways the governor is taking away local control when it comes to education decisions.

Governor Cuomo has said he will increase state funding to schools by 1.1-billion in the budget, but only if lawmakers agree to his many reforms.