Survey Shows Slight Pay Increase for Unskilled Workers

May 6, 2013

Credit www.360-edu.com

Unskilled workers in the Greater Rochester area have seen a slight increase in pay in the past year.  More than 200 member companies of the Rochester Business Alliance responded to an annual wage survey, showing the average starting pay for unskilled workers rose to $10.59 an hour, compared to $10.24 in 2012. 

RBA President and CEO Sandy Parker said the survey helps local employers remain competitive in the job market. "As you're looking for more skill levels and employers are becoming more particular about the skill sets that their employees have and the pool of people shrinks a bit, it's important that they remain competitive. This is true as far as starting wages as well as the benefit packages that employers offer." 

Parker said the hourly rate for unskilled workers is slightly higher than the national average. Recent surveys by RBA have shown that merit pay raises received by local employees are on par with national figures, at about 2.5% to 3%.