The Strong Museum Awarded A $150,000 Federal Grant

Sep 13, 2013

Credit The Strong Museum of Play

The Strong museum is getting some federal help in its effort to tell a story about the history of  'play'. 

The museum has received a grant of nearly $150,000 to help with the renovation of the museum's second floor for an exhibit called "America at Play."

The grant comes from a federal agency, the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The new exhibit will be divided into four zones that will tell the story of the way that "play" has changed and affects both children and adults.

Museum President Rollie Adams says the exhibit represents the first-ever historical overview of three centuries of play in America.

"…to be able to provide the only fully comprehensive interpretive exhibit anywhere in the country that looks at how play in America has changed over a 300 year period.”

Adams says the entire project will cost about $1.8 million, with about a third of that coming from grants. It's expected the project will be completed in 2015.