State Releases Teacher Evaluations

Aug 29, 2014

Credit wfuv.org

The long-awaited results of New York State's mandatory teacher evaluations are in. 

Data released by the State Education Department shows that 86 percent of teachers in Monroe County earned a rating of effective or highly effective for the 2012-13 school year.

Thirteen percent of teachers in districts across the county were rated developing, while 1 percent were labeled ineffective.

In the Rochester City School District, 60 percent of teachers fell in the effective or highly effective category.  38 percent were said to be developing and 2 percent were ineffective.

Statewide, 94 percent of teachers were rated either effective or highly effective.

Teacher unions in Rochester and Syracuse have filed lawsuits challenging the evaluations. They claim that the ratings are unfair to poor districts, because the State Education Department does not account for the affect that poverty has on student performance.

The data expands on preliminary results that were released in October, but does not contain teacher names.  Parents can get their child's teacher's rating from the district.