State Grants for Local Dairy Farmers

Feb 5, 2013

New York Assemblyman Steve Hawley, 139 Assembly District

Governor Cuomo's newly drawn grant programs are gaining the support of Assemblyman Steve Hawley, of the 139 Assembly District.

The programs provide dairy farmers with an opportunity to expand their operations  through the Dariy Acceleration Program that sets aside nearly half a million dollars to connect them with experts. The other is the Anaerobic Digester Biogas-to-Electricity initiative. It doubles the incentive amount available to farmers - who install the equipment - from $1 millionto $2 million, to turn their cow waste into electricity.

Hawley says the initiatives to grow their businesses would help boost the agriculture industry as well as inspire growth.

"It's pretty important because we have a number of yogurt plans that are locating not only in my assembly district but across New York," Hawley says. "Guess what yogurt is made of? Dairy products. And we need to be helping farmers be efficient in their dairy products."

Governor Cuomo says the grants aim to ensure that dairy and yogurt operations remain and continue to grow in New York.