State of Emergency order continued in Irondequoit

Jun 10, 2017

A continued state of emergency has been declared in the town of Irondequoit due to the rising flood waters along Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay.

Under New York State law, any state of emergency declaration expires after 30 days. Town Supervisor Dave Seeley issued the announcement Saturday morning saying that water levels have continued to rise since the first declaration was made May 12th.

"I don't think anyone expects this to be a quick process by which the water levels go down. I hope I'm wrong, but were bracing for another several weeks where these waters might be at flood level."

Seeley says even though many boat launches and docks are closed due to the flood waters, the town is concerned about the impact that wake created by boats, jet skies and other vessels may have on properties along the Bay now that summer weather is here.

"I am mindful that recreational boating is part of our life around here, that's why we request that if folks are out on the bay just to observe the regulations that are in place."

Boaters have been cooperative so far, Seeley said. The emergency order states that any vessel within 500 feet of the shoreline travel at an idle speed and create no wake. Any vessels traveling beyond 500 feet from the shoreline can not exceed 5 miles per hour.