State Education Commissioner Defends The Common Core

Aug 28, 2013

New York State's top education official is responding to protests over the new common core standards.

John King was greeted by protests when he met with area school administrators at the School of the Arts on Wednesday. About 50 or so people marched in front of that Rochester school, upset with the new state standards, saying that they are stressing out students and teachers.

King says it will take several years for the transition to the new standards to be completed, and he realizes why some parents and students have some issues with the changeover.

"I think as schools and communities adjust to the higher expectations and begin to meet them some of the challenges will dissipate, but certainly anytime there is a transition it can be stressful."

King says there is strong support from colleges, universities and from the business community across the nation for the new standards, which he says are vital to raising student performance.