Spkr Silver Waiting for Comptroller's View of Gov's Pension Plan

Jan 29, 2013

Governor Cuomo’s pension stabilization plan could face some obstacles in the legislature.   Assembly Speaker  Sheldon Silver says he wants to know what the State Comptroller thinks of the idea first.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says he’s not ready to sign on yet to Governor Cuomo’s plan to allow local governments and schools to “smooth” out pension payments over time, that would allow them to pay less now and more for them later.

In an interview with public radio and TV, Silver says he wants to wait until the State Comptroller determines if the proposal is sound.

“It’s up to the Comptroller to make that determination as to whether this is a sound policy,” Silver said.

In a statement, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says he’s  reviewing Cuomo’s proposal, and has some “concerns about the impact”  on the state’s retirement fund. But he says he’s keeping an open mind.

Silver also stuck up for Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, who has publicly raised questions about the governor’s plan. He says it does not conflict with her role as Cuomo’s chosen Democratic Party Co-Chair.

“To say that she has questions does not disqualify her for anything, as far as I’m concerned, ” Silver said.

Silver says it’s possible to wear both a “political hat” and a “governmental hat”.