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5:00 am
Thu February 8, 2007

Spitzer Takes Critique of Legislature on the Road

Albany, New York –
Governor Eliot Spitzer took his budget proposal on the road Thursday. His first stops on a statewide tour were in Binghamton and Syracuse. The Governor also continued his scathing critique of the legislature's vote to make an Assemblyman the new state Comptroller.

Some lawmakers say they taught the new Governor a lesson about dealing with the legislature, when they defied his wishes and chose one of their own to be State Comptroller. Spitzer, speaking in Syracuse, says there's a different lesson learned.

"The lesson taught was (that)the depth of the failure of integrity in our legislature is very deep," said Spitzer. "The willingness to put public interest aside and act in pure self interest virtually knows no bounds."

Spitzer says the public should care, because the state's pension money is at stake. The Comptroller is the sole trustee of one of the largest pension funds in the country. The governor says while he likes the new Comptroller, Tom DiNapoli, personally, he says he is "thoroughly and totally unqualified for the job".