SMC Holds Hearing On Mandate Reform and Biotechnology

Oct 15, 2013

U of R president speaking before Senate Majority Coalition in Legislative Chambers at the Monroe County Office Building
Credit WXXI

Senator Joe Robach and members of the Senate Majority Coalition held the final in a series of industry-wide public hearings on rules and mandates that are preventing local biotechnology businesses from growing.

Lawmakers are listening to researchers and business leaders across the state to identify and eliminate the most costly regulations.

Joel Seligman, the President of the University of Rochester, was one of a handful of people who spoke about their concerns on Tuesday.

"As we look for ways to fuel growth in the state’s biotechnology commercial sectors, I encourage you to support for existing programs that have a consequential ability to attract and maintain top scientists and impact economic growth."

Seligman also urged lawmakers to cut back on duplications of state requirements.

"This is a huge issue. It’s not so much singling out a specific regulation as wrong or inappropriate. It’s rather to harmonize reporting requirement. So that you can have a one size fits all, if you will to some degree."

Seligman also urged state lawmakers to the repeal of the Wage Thief Prevention Act, which he says creates a burden for large employers.

The presidents of Quasar Energy Group, OyaGen, Inc and the lead specialist from Welch Allyn testified. That’s along with professors from the University of Rochester and the Institute of Technology.

The Senate Majority Coalition anticipates completing a report of recommendations by early December.