Smallpox Vaccine Study

Mar 4, 2013

Rochester Clinical Research is looking for test subjects to take part in a 34 week study for a smallpox vaccine.  

Clinical researcher Michael Brennan says even though smallpox was eradicated in 1980, there are concerns that bioterrorists could obtain some stockpiled samples of the virus or recreate it using artificial genes.

Brennan says smallpox in the hands of bioterrorists could be catastrophic as the last vaccinations in the U.S. were given in 1972.
Brennan says the Department of Defense, which is funding the study, will be stockpiling the vaccine.

Rochester Clinical Research is recruiting 18 to 40-year old subjects to take part in the study. It will involve two vaccinations and follow up visits.  Subjects will be compensated for their participation.  More details are available by calling 288-0890.