Slaughter: Sequestration "Absolute Stupidity"

Feb 21, 2013

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter says she never dreamed the United States would find itself in the position of facing across the board budget cuts known as "sequestration."
She says if these drachonian cuts go through, the damage will be profound.
Slaughter says Federal Aviation Administration cutbacks have the biggest immediate impact, causing chaos at Rochester's airport and others nationwide.
She calls sequestration "absoute stupidity."
Slaughter adds some of her Democratic colleagues believe the only way to avoid sequestration is through cuts to defense spending, but Slaughter says she's not willing to do that.
She expects Congress will come up with a solution by the end of March, but she says a lot of damage will be done by then.
Democrats and Republicans remain divided on whether tax increases should be part of the budget deal.