Shovelers are doing their best to keep up despite continual snow fall

Mar 15, 2017

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

For the past couple of days, it feels like as soon as you think you have a path cleared, more snow is dumped right back on to it.

Kara Tierney said this was the third time she's shoveled her driveway on Hickory Street in the last day.

“I normally love snow and I actually like shoveling but this is a lot.”

She was getting help from Brad Lewis, who was digging his car out with hopes of getting to work still.

"I’m originally from here; I’m used to the annual March nightmare storms."

Over on South Avenue Ted Kuhn had just started to dig his car out in an effort to get to work on time. His car was almost completely buried, and he didn’t have a shovel.

But that wasn’t going to be an issue for much longer, when a man in a pickup truck waiting at the light at South and Alexander Street asked if he needed one. The two men made a deal to leave the shovel on Kuhn’s porch for pick up later.

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

Peter Quataert was shoveling his driveway around the corner on Linden Street and said he’s a fan of the winter, being from Rochester, and was happy that at least the snow that was piling up outside his house was fluffy.

"Nice and light, not like our heart attack snow that we used to get."

For many in Rochester, a winter storm means a last minute trip to Wegmans to stock up food and other essentials.

The parking lot at the East Avenue Wegmans, normally an incredibly busy and congested place, only had a handful of cars driving in and out this morning.

While most we're running into the store for themselves, Bradley Delano was shopping for his pet.

"I have zero cat food. I am out of cat food and I did not do a good job of planning."

He said storms like these are no surprise to him.

Tom Johnson was also out, picking up coffee and some breakfast. He said he doesn’t mind the snow, as long as he’s prepared for it.

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

"I'm a 4 season kind of guy, I like coming out to Wegmans on a snowy day, why not."

A winter storm warning continues until 8pm Wednesday evening.

The city is asking residents who are out shoveling to help keep sidewalks and fire hydrants clear.