Several Livingston County Deputies Reportedly Facing Charges

Jun 6, 2014

Nine Livingston County Jail Deputies have resigned as a result of a time card investigation that has gone on for 17 months.

GeneseeSun.com, which first reported the probe in December of 2012, says the allegations are that some full time deputies would have part time deputies work their shifts, but the time card paperwork was completed under the name and at the pay rate of the full time deputies. It’s alleged the full time deputies then paid the part time deputies in cash, apparently at the lower pay rate.

The investigation was conducted by State Police who are expected to release more information on Monday. Reportedly the case involves misdemeanor charges of filing a false instrument.

Sheriff Tom Dougherty, who was elected last year, issued a statement saying that he can’t comment on the investigation, but can confirm seven employees have resigned in the last seven days and two others resigned previously. He says since they have resigned, they will not face any internal actions. Dougherty also says that since he took office in January, safeguards have been put in placeto ensure “this can never happen again.”