Schumer Says Valeant CEO Gives Some Assurances

Aug 15, 2013

New York Senator Chuck Schumer says the CEO of Bausch + Lomb's new parent company has given him some assurances regarding the workforce at the Rochester facilities.

After the recent takeover of B + L, Valeant said that just over 400 jobs in Rochester will be cut, but that there were no plans to cut manufacturing or research and development positions here.

Local leaders have been pressing for a stronger commitment about the future. Schumer says Michael Pearson of Valeant has told him that the company has no more cuts beyond those already announced, and in fact will add 25 to 50 new R & D jobs.  

According to Schumer, Pearson will also give Rochester a chance to be considered for taking over the manufacturing line of a next-generation contact lens named "Zeus."