RPO official expects improving finances

Dec 6, 2016

A top official with the Rochester Philharmonic is optimistic about the orchestra's financial future. Ralph Craviso is President and CEO of the RPO, and he says while they still need some time to eliminate the long-term deficit, they are on solid financial ground now in terms of dealing with immediate expenses.

“The essence of it is, we know what our deficits are, so we have essentially jump-started our fundraising efforts and created a one-time special  fund, to which we’ve gone to specific donors in order to make up the gap so that we can have a balanced budget.”

Craviso says the orchestra is meeting goals in terms of selling individual tickets and subscriptions.

“On the ticket side we have exceeded what we said we wanted to achieve in ticket sales for this year, we’re on track to exceed it. We’ve already exceeded what we hoped to raise in subscriptions.”

Craviso attributes the increased sales to the new music director for the RPO, Ward Stare, as well as some special presentations.

And he says a board member with the RPO is matching every dollar, up $250,000 as part of a community challenge to be donated to the orchestra's annual fund.